Why Windows Live Writer is still the best Offline WYSIWYG Blogging Client!

It has been a long time, since I am into this blogging world… I have came across many blogging tools, software, clients and much more and also have shared the best ones with you! But the thing which was really pending, in a review on the Best Blogging Software from Microsoft, Windows Live Writer. Previously we have talked about, 12 Best plugins for WLW [Windows Live Writer]… These plugins are only a part of the best features, which WLW gives.

Majority of the Bloggers use WLW as their offline Blogging Clients today. If you have not already, then it might be just the best time for you to switch from any other blogging client [be it the default online editor] to the best yet free Windows Live Writer. Have a look here to know why I am considering this to be the best of its category…

#0: Understanding the Basic Usage of Windows Live Writer:

If you are new to the offline blogging concept, then you might get confused while reading the features… Just in that case, keep the following things in your mind, and you will understand what we are talking about:

Offline Blogging clients is just an wysiwyg [What You See Is What You Get] editing tools, which allows you to format and decorate your blog posts easily in proper and errorless XHTML language. It is like a Microsoft Office Words for bloggers.

If you install it, then you will be able to make blog posts directly from your desktop, without the need of the online editing tool of your blog(s). The interface is as easy as MS Words, and powerful than any other editor. Read below to know more about the features…

#1: Compatibility with Majority types of Blogs:

highly compatible through cross blogging platforms Any Blogging Editor is useless without the Cross Platform Compatibility. WLW is pretty much strong in this regard. It is fully compatible with:

  • Leading Blogging Platforms like WordPress, Blogger etc…
  • SharePoint Blogs and Windows Live Spaces;
  • Also all other Blogging platforms which are majorly used!

So, you do not need to think twice before making WLW as your default blogging client. Just do the following to add your blog to the publishing list:

  • Click on Blogs > Add Blog Account;Adding a Blog Account
  • Choose the last option “Other Blogging Service” if you are adding WordPress or Blogger blogs. Simple Click on Next;
  • Enter the “Username”, “Password” and your Blog URL. WLW will do the rest… It will automatically recognize the blogging platform type will set up accordingly

#2: Make your Post in the working theme of your Blog:

This is the best feature of WLW. Make your post just the way it would appear after publishing. Which means, you will be able to see all the XHTML tags, and your post area just the way it is formatted using CSS.

  • Click on the View tab and tick the “Edit using Theme” Option.Editing using your own Blog theme
  • You can also Refresh the Theme if you are facing some problem.

Also, you can jump to Preview mode to get a final look of your post or an advanced Source mode to manually edit the XHTML markups and make custom formatting.

#3: Easy Formatting Options along with Advanced features:

Wide feature lists These includes:

  • Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough buttons to quickly apply the formatting.
  • Ordered and Unordered Bullet lists.
  • Alignment options to right, left, justify, center…
  • Insert options for Links, Images, Photo Album, Table etc…

Also the advanced Format tab enables you to easily change the color, style, font etc of your text. In short there is nothing which you can not do using WLW. Also the default WLW Spell Check feature shows any spelling mistakes that have crept in your writing to make your post error free.

#4: Setting Categories, Publish date etc…

Setting category Setting Publish date 

Just like the online editor tool of Blogger/Wordpress, WLW lets you to manually add categories and Publish dates. Also if you are in WordPress, then you can add sub-categories as well.

#5: Easy Publishing and Drafting:

One click Publish

  • Just hit the Publish button to publish the post directly to your blog… OR,
  • Hit the Save Draft button to save draft locally or to your blog.
  • You can also Publish using Future Publish Date to Schedule the post

#6: More features by Plugins:

All these feature are greatly enhanced by WLW third-party Plugins. We have previously covered wide varieties of Plugin to empower your WLW. Check it over here and give your own feedback!

#7: Download Link:

That was our personal point of view regarding WLW. Do give us your Feedback… Also if you think any other client is better than WLW, then do share it with us!


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    I never use any software of those kind.
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  2. Swashata

    I think you should seriously consider using Windows Live Writer! You will feel the difference right after you start using it!

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