Sudden decrease in Feedburner Count? Find out why!

UPDATE: Feedburner has solved this issue now! Feed Count is back to normal and it is now showing counts from FriendFeeds

decrease in feedcount Just today only (26/12/2009), I saw a sudden decrease in my Feedburner count! The amount was quite surprising… My Feed count decreased from 270+ to straight 73… As obvious, it was really shocking. After a bit of investigation I find out that, I was not only the victim. Popular blogs like BlogKori, iTechArena and some other blogs are also facing the same situation.

After going through the details of my feed subscription, I was finally able to find out the reason behind this… Read below if you are also facing the same situation and want to know the cause…

FriendFeed Subscription count is not shown by FeedBurner:

no friendfeed subscribers

FriendFeed is a popular service to share and connect with your friends using Feeds. It is also a good platform to increase your Feed Subscriber count. ITechArena has already discussed about this before. So a good portion of our Subscriber was from FriendFeed only. It was also shown at the status of Feedburner.

Now all of a sudden, Feedburner has stopped showing the count for FriendFeed subscription, resulting in sharp decrease of Feed Count. So if you are wondering why my feed count decreased suddenly, then the possible reason is…

FeedBurner, is not showing Feed Counts from FriendFeed any more. So the current count is the sum of your Google Feed Subscribers, Feedburner Email Subscriber and some other supported services.

Is it an Update or Error?

Well, even I don’t know exactly about this! Also there is no notification from the FeedBurner Blog as well. May be this is just an error which will be resolved after some time. It can also be a permanent update from FeedBurner. The reason may be that many were using this service to increase their Feed Count easily.

What ever the reason may be, we are still unaware of this. I hope FeedBurner either fixes it soon or officially announce that Counts from FriendFeed will no longer be included.

So what do you think about this update/error? Please do share your opinion with us!


  1. Sophie Paris

    It is happening to me just right now. From 141 readers down to 13 in one day. Tring to figure out how can I fix it.

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