Cool and Fresh Free Themes for Windows 7

windows 7 Its been a long since Windows 7 was launched, and the craziest part of it is “Themes”. In windows 7, not only the Desktop Aero has been improved, but also many new features in themes has driven Win7 users really crazy. Below I have shared a list of cool Windows 7 theme pack…

How to change the themes in Windows 7

First thing’s first. If you are new to Win7 world or unsure how to change the themes, here is a quick guide:

  • go to personalize menu Right click on desktop and select “Personalize”.
  • Select the theme you want A new Personalization window will appear. Just select any theme and it will be automatically be applied.
  • Also click the “Windows Color” to change the color scheme and transparency

If you do not have transparency, then you might not have installed proper drivers or your computer might not be powerful enough to support Windows Aero.

List of sites giving free themes for windows7:

  • Official Microsoft Themes: theme pack from microsoft
    These themes are released by Microsoft for free. Just click on the download button and a file with extension .themepack will be downloaded. Open it with the default program and it will be listed under the Personalization menu.
    Home Page: Click Here;
  • Free Windows7 themes and styles by themes by technospot
    A great collection of free windows 7 themes. Browse through them and download the one you like most.
    Home Page: Click Here;
  • Free theme gallery by free themes by whereismydrinks
    Hosts dozens of free yet beautiful themes. Click below to explore…
    Collection 1: Click Here;
    Collection 2: Click Here;
  • Ultimate Windows 7 theme pack by windows 7 theme by redmondpie
    These themes are based on “High resolution 7 logo of win7” and combines with eye-soothing color schemes. Download the theme packs and enjoy the slides…
    Home Page: Click Here;
    Download Link: Click Here;

That was collection of sites giving free windows 7 wallpapers and themes… Below are our 5 top personal choices…

Top 5 themes collected by iTg:

So, that was our personal collection of best windows 7 themes and theme sites… I hope, you have liked this! Do give us your feedback… If you have came across any other theme site or have made Your own windows 7 theme then do share with us through your comments… We will also add your self-made themes to this list!


  1. prashu_gsr

    i've installed the ducati nd the ferrari themes… these are just awesome.. my pc is now lookin super cool thanx to Windows 7 + these themes..

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