How to: Add Watermark to your Blog post images using Windows Live Writer

Previously we have discussed on pros and cons of adding watermarks on your blog post images. So, I thought of completing this post by explaining the easiest method of automatically inserting watermarks on your blog post. We have already covered the best and free offline blog posting software [WYSIWYG] Windows Live Writer and its useful plugins. So now lets see how we can configure it easily to insert watermarks on every inserted images on our post…

#Step 1: Inserting the Image:

 Insert PictureClick on the image to enlarge 

  • Click on the “Picture…” icon on the right “Insert” Panel.
  • A new window will popup. Select your picture and Click on ok.

#Step 2: Adding the Watermark to your image:

  • Simply select the picture and the “Picture” menu will open up on the right panel.
  • Adding the watermark Now click on the “Advanced” tab on the panel and click on “Watermark…”.
  • This will popup the watermark text window.Using the watermark window Enter your Watermark text [Like, we use “Picture by”]
  • Also adjust the position of your watermark to best fit your image.

#Step 3: Saving your settings to automatically insert watermark on every image:

  • Now again select the picture and click on “Picture” tab.
  • Saving default settings Simply Click on “Save settings as default” and you are done.

Now your watermarks will be inserted on each of your post images…

Some Tips:

  • You should add watermarks only to the images you have created. Do not add watermarks to the images you have used from web. This may break the copyright protection of that image. Just be on the safer side and include a backlink to the source image instead.
  • Watermarks are only good when they are not blocking the image from being viewed properly. So always change the position of the watermarks according to your image. I prefer using Bottom right or Bottom left position.
  • Personally I do not add any watermark to small images as it will block the content of the image!

Removing the watermark:

This is pretty easy…

  • Select the watermarked image > Go to Advanced Tab from the right panel > Click on Watermarks… [As before]
  • Now simply delete the watermark text from the Watermark Window and this will remove watermark from your image

That was how we can easily insert watermarks on our images using WLW. So which method do use? Do share with us!


  1. Bill Mcdonald

    This is great information and is really helpful to me. One of my biggest time consuming tasks
    for my blog has been watermarking my images, using various free programs. I am new to this
    and anything which allows me to focus on the writing more and less on the process is very helpful.
    I came across your blog while researching WLW vs using Google Blogger's built-in client, I believe
    WLW now will have a new client!

    My recent post You can't always get what you want.

  2. Swashata

    Windows Live Writer itself is a offline Blogging tool. It supports Blogger so you don't have to worry about that… There are many built in features which make this tool very useful. For example check these WLW Plugins

    I couldn understand what you meant by saying "I believe WLW now will have a new client"… Perhaps u liked to say Google will have a interface like WLW. But the fact is that there are some limitation in online clients. So better we use WLW from our desktop!

  3. Octavian

    I'm new at this so i hope my question won't seem dumb to you but i really want to know if Windows Live Writer can put a watermark on pics that are already posted on blogger. I have read your post but i coludn't tell if you reffer to the uploaded pics or the pics that will be uploaded on blogger
    I'm waitting fou your answer

  4. Swashata

    No WLW CAN NOT add watermark to pics uploaded by blogger… It can only add watermarks to the pics on your local hard disk and then it will be uploaded when you publish the post! I hope you are clear now! If not feel free to ask 🙂

  5. WallpaperFrenzy

    Hi, I have been using this method for some time. I created this blog to store my collection of nice wallpaper. My problem is, can I remove or reduce the size of the watermark on the thumbnail? All the wallpaper is in high resolution, so, the 12 font size watermark will not be too annoying at the full size image, but at the thumbnail at the small size like 300X250, the 12 font size watermark will be annoying, and my visitor will misunderstood that the watermark will be enlarge according to the ratio at the full size image. Is there any trick to remove or reduce the size of the watermark on the thumbnail?
    My recent post Digital Universe 01

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