Turn your WordPress blog into Feedback, Survey or Quiz site using WP Feedback & Survey Manager Plugin

WP Feedback & Survey Manager - WordPress Plugin

WP Feedback & Survey Manager - WordPress PluginI am glad to release another WordPress plugin. Last to last year, while working on our college Annual Fest, I developed two plugins, WP Category Post List and Simple Event Management. This year, we thought getting opinions from our college students would serve us good (Thanks to Arnab Saha for this idea). So, I came up with a generalized WordPress plugin for this and it is called WP Feedback & Survey Manager.

Using this plugin, you can create a nice looking web-form, with three tabs. The content inside each of the tabs can be modified as well.

It has main three sections:

  • Survey: You can have upto 20 MCQ type questions (with an option to choose more than one options).
  • Feedback: You write in upto 20 Feedback topics with description etc.
  • Personal Information: You collect personal information (name, email, phone number etc) from the surveyee.

All this features come with a very robust Admin panel using which you can modify almost every aspects of the form. Apart from this, other features include:

  • Add Good Looking “tabbed” Feedback/Survey form on your blog easily. The form submission is done through AJAX with a nice effect. Falls back well on browser without JS.
  • Both JavaScript as well as PHP validation on form submission.
  • Nice design of the form using Google Web Fonts and jQuery UI.
  • You can have upto 20 survey questions and feedback topics.
  • Each survey question can have any number of options. The options can be single or multiple type.
  • Storage of survey and feedbacks on database.
  • You can mail different Feedbacks on different emails. Useful if you are working with a collaborative team to collect feedbacks.
  • Detailed survey report on admin backend. AJAX-ed fetching of all surveys and displaying using Google Chart (check the screenshots).
  • Inline HELP (from the WordPress Admin like sliding Help from every screen) makes it easy for you to understand the various aspects of this plugin.

Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea of what the plugin can do.

The plugin is free as well as Open Source. It is available for download from WordPress Plugin Repository and you can find the latest documentation here.

Let us know how this plugin has worked for you. Right now, you can see a demo here (our college annual fest live site). If you miss a feature, or have any questions then just drop in a comment or use the support forum at the plugin repository. Don’t forget to give your feedback.


  1. Dennis Dater

    Hi, I loaded your plug in and wanted to thank you for it. This is my first wordpress site, and your’s is the first plugin I’ve loaded. I do have two questions.

    1. Is it possible to ask a question and have a response typed in a box, rather than check a possible answer?

    2. This is more important. I used your short code on a blank page for the survey results. Rather than seeing results, I’m seeing blocks move. Not sure what I may have done wrong. http://www.dennisdater.com/survey-results/

    Really appreciate any suggestions you might have.

    Thank you,


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