WordPress Advertisement Management with Revenue Sharing – Coming soon

Hello folks,

I am pleased to tell you that the plugin I’ve been working on since last month, is almost complete and will probably get released in the upcoming week.

The best features are (but not limited to)

  • Ability to create as many ad units as you wish.
  • Assign units to pre selected and most optimized spots on your blogs.
  • Customize each of the units, make them shared, enable/disable them, customize the CSS (with the inbuilt CSS editor) and much more.
  • Assign shared units to editors/authors/contributors where they can put their own ad codes. Administrators should moderate and accept before a unit actually appears.
  • Administrators have maximum capability to assign any unit to any authors (whether or not shared) and that unit, if active, will be shown on the author’s post.
  • Complete integration with Adsense using OAuth2 API to fetch and display your adsense reports.
  • Assign custom adsense channels to other users, put their code yourself and users will see the report of that particular channel. This is useful, if your authors do not have adsense account and you use channels to share revenue. You will not even have to give access to the authors.

Here are some screenshots. We will update as we release this awesome plugin (which will be Free and Open Source).


  1. behzad

    when exactly you are planning to release this plugin. I appreciate it if you can do it asap.

  2. ols

    Bonjour. Je recherche ce type de plugin depuis longtemps. Ou en êtes vous? merci de faire profiter les inconnus de vos connaissances, c’est un magnifique travail

  3. Pete

    Looking forward to this. Awesome.
    And you say “FREE”. That leaves me for a donation…

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