Check your Website in various resolution online through your browser

websites in different resolution In this post we will discuss about some sites which shows you how your site will look in various screen resolution. This is very useful for web-designers. When we are making fixed width templates, then it will look the same in all resolution, but in case of stretch templates, [like the template of inTechgrity] the looks will vary in different resolution. This is simply because, stretch or fluid templates occupies all the screen width available. So while designing such templates, it becomes very important to test them in various common resolutions.

Although mostly people are using 1024X768 screen resolution, but still it is a good practice for web designers to make their site compatible in low resolutions like 800X600 and high resolutions like 1280X1024 and so… Let us see, how we can test our web-sites in various resolutions online through our browser, without using any software. ~ New and improved screen resolution application:

Screen resolution dot com This site is best in this aspect. With this you can test your websites in various resolutions easily. Click on the image below to go to the site…

Now simply follow these steps:

  • Enter the URL of your website on the top URL bar;enter your URL on
  • Now from the bottom part of the page, click on the resolution you want to view.choose the res u want

Web-Page resolution tester from thePCManWebSite:

the PC man free webmaster tools This is another good tool. You can this method to test screen from this site:

  • Simply go to the screen-resolution tester page and enter your site URL in the area shown in the image.steps on pcman website Now click on “Next”;
  • Now another page with various options will open.choose from various option list Click the one you want.

You can simply select the Internet Explorer options for testing in Firefox or Chrome.

That was two good website which can help you for this purpose. Do give your feedback. If you have any queries then feel free to ask through your comments. Also we will very soon come up with our own [and obviously free] screen resolution tester.


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