The latest in the size zero revolution-Sony Vaio-X Laptops

kareena_sony_vaioEarlier this Month, Sony
launched the world’s lightest laptop VAIO-X
. It is being promoted as

Size Zero Laptops

because of its very less weight of 655 grams.To promote the ultra thin
laptops from Soni Vaio, the company has roped in Size Zero actress Kareena
Kapoor as its brand ambassador.About ‘Size Zero’ Sony Vaio X Sony Vaio X laptop
has been considered as world’s first slimmest and lightest laptop. The 655 gms
weight VAIO X is about half an inch thin.



  • Intel Atom Z540 processor @ 1.86GHz
  • 64GB SSD
  • 2GB RAM
  • 11.1-inch LED screen
  • 1366×768 resolution 
  • WiFi b/g/n
  • Windows 7 Home Premium

Design and other features

  • The Laptop is super-slim just 0.55 inches thick with 11.1-inch screen that
    is only 0.125 inch thick.
  • Comes in two styles – one with a smooth glossy finish and the other being a
    matt metal look
  • Unlike most VAIOs, it does not pack insanely high resolution. Resolution is
    1366×768 which is the same as found in earlier 11-inch VAIOs like VAIO TT/VAIO
  • The keyboard of VAIO-X is similar to those of MacBook. The keyboard contains
    widely spaced and separated buttons but the space keys are small sony-vaio-x_3
  • The Laptop comes with two inter-changeable batteries a standard battery with
    3.5 hour backup and a larger heavier battery which would be available in
    battery-stand combo having a 14 hour backup.Battery will last ‘a working day’ or
    16 hours
  • The Touchpad is small even though there is a lot of empty space around it.
    That said, we faced no problems in using it. The buttons are located below it
    and have pleasant tactile feedback. They do not produce a lot of sound which is
    nice thing to know.
  • Integrated with mobile broadband (UMTS) – no external broadband cable
  • 2USB ports, VGA port, Ethernet socket and SD/ Memory Stick reader.SONY could
    have fit in another USB port on the right side. Most of the netbooks come with 3
    USB 2.0 ports.Its LAN port is drop-down flap type and SONY has put little stands
    beneath its chassis which will let you plugin a full LAN cable. sony-vaio-x-review-8-300x207
  • Built Motion-Eye webcam
  • The SONY VAIO X 64GB SSD model comes with Windows 7 Home Premium,
    plus a truck load of junkware.Everything fancy animation that the
    windows Aero brings to the Windows 7 left us unsatisfied.
    It would be better
    if SONY sells it with the Aero disabled.
  • And in the end, out of 53.1GB total capacity (rest is taken by recovery
    partition), you get only 39GB free.And since sony hates partitioning …………. have
    a lovely time installing partition app and making partitions.


Sony Vaio X comes with ‘Silverthorne’ Intel Atom processor
and it is pre-loaded with Windows 7 Professional (32-bit). Sony offers VAIO X in
two models VPCX113KG for Rs. 64,990 and VPCX117LG for Rs.
– both with one year international warranty.

Official Website:

Click below to go to the Sony VAIO Series X dedicated website…

Sony has made it clear that Vaio x is their answer to Apple’s mackbook.
Masaru Tamagawa, Sony’s managing director informed

We are targeting to capture 20 percent share of the consumer notebook market
by fiscal 2010

While addressing a press meet, Tamagawa added

We plan to do this by introducing unique products with cutting edge
technology, expanding our distribution channels across the country and investing
more in marketing

Overall this Laptop could be great Choice for you if you can spend that much
and want to make it as part of your Fashion Statement or looking for a portable
alternative which could be carried easily. Do give your feedback over
this review!


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