We are back with a bang – Top Commentator, Web Dev and Many More

First of all, thanks to all of you for your great support. Through out this month, due to college, freshers etc, we [Me and Pyrotechnicpixie] were unable to update our blog regularly! Still, the page visits, traffic, subscribers have increased dramatically and this is really something we can say “Achievement”. Without you and your support it really would have been impossible to achieve this success…

Although we have not updated our blog properly in this time interval, we did not actually suppressed our backend development. The result of which is a new logo, better layout taking full advantage from New blogger features, supporting multiple browsers and so…

Below, is a list of things we have in our mind to incorporate with our blog!

A New Logo to brand our work in a better way with a better concept!

Our previous logo was:

Old Logo iTg

But now, ultimately after weeks of work, both on paper and Photoshop, we have designed a better logo…

New Logo iTg

The globe icon in the logo, precisely describes the major niche of our blog — Web-Development. Basically after learning much of Web related languages like, xHTML, CSS, JS, PHP etc I thought of publishing more and more articles and tutorials related to web-dev. You will soon get to know about that… Just keep in touch and enjoying.

Also, we shall be publishing tech related posts occasionally, including freebies and many more.

Also, we have changed our favicon from favicon-old to favicon .

So, what do you think of our new logo?

Better Layout for our Blog with cross-browser support:

It has been 6 months we have started blogging, and we have gone through many changes. Firstly, our theme was a dark colored one and then slowly we learned new designing concepts and finally, the current design of itg is quite stable. In this design, we have extensively used:

  • jQuery and Related Plugins such as AJAX, vTip etc.
  • Sprite CSS and other modern Layout Techniques.

Although, our current layout is compatible with IE6, but still we don’t recommend it to our users. So a warning message will be shown, just above the post title. Although IE7 and IE8 are supported, but we strongly recommend you to use, Firefox or Google Chrome. Both of them are FREE and better than IE in terms of Web experience.

Thanks to Blogger again:

Our blog is hosted freely on www.blogger.com and we have been using this service since last 6 months. We must admit that as a Free Blogging Software + Platform, blogger is simply superb and BEST. The new, Read More feature and Tag Cloud Feature of Blogger are simply awesome, and are exactly the things we have opted for.

So congrats blogger, on its 10th birthday. We wish longer and better life to blogger.

Some future plans:

As the title says, soon we are going to implement the Top Commentator widget which will showcase the Blog/site of the top commentator of our blog. The top commentator will be chosen, depending on the relevancy of the comments [not by the number]. And obviously it will be a do-follow widget. We shall be choosing the top commentators every month and will put his name and Website along with the logo, on the top sidebar.

Along with this, we are soon going to publish:

  • Series tutorials for CSS/xHTML web designing
  • More Articles and Tutorials to make Blogger better in many aspects
  • More and more Open Source AJAX Projects and other jQuery plugins and their implementation.

There are more to come. So once again, stay with us and keep enjoying!

And Happy Durga Puja to All!!!!


Above is a Photo taken by me, last year during Durga Puja Festival. So once again the time of celebration has come with loads of enjoyment and blessings. Like every year, we are going to spent 4 days with non-stop enjoyment along with lots of excitement to visit superb and well-decorated Pandals with mind blowing interiors. Roads and lanes really get filled up with crowd, these four days. As every year we have already planned our whole night programs with our friends. Mann, just cant wait for the Puja [Seriously, we are kind of addicted with this!]

Happy Durga Puja to all my friends. As always, may God bless us this year, with knowledge and intelligence.

So much said, and so much to say! Be with us to enjoy them all. From today itself, we are going to publish all the articles and tutorials we have been thinking, one by one! I hope you will like them all.

As always, we would like to hear from you more about us and our work. Be it positive or negative, just comment it! We shall be eagerly waiting for your opinions…