Is Windows 7 the next version of Vista? Apple OS X says so…

Apple OS X vs Windows 7 P reviously we have talked about some features which Mac can learn from Windows 7. But this time the situation seems to be opposite! While Microsoft team is trying their best to make Windows 7 stand against all of it competitor, Apple team has managed to figure out some real drawbacks of Win7 which we can really take under consideration. According to Apple’s Bertrand SerletFundamentally, Windows 7 is just another version of Windows Vista”. What ever it is, surely the argument seems to be interesting, especially between two big daddy companies like Microsoft and Apple. Below we have given some analytical view between these two Products… Please read on…

Some Comparisons:

Below we have compared some features in tabulated form:

Features: Mac OS X Snow Leopard Microsoft Windows 7
Main improvement aiming to better handle 64-bit processing and multicore capabilities aiming to better handle 64-bit processing and multicore capabilities
Compatibility Apple is also trying to boost its Windows compatibility story by adding Exchange server capability to Snow Leopard. According to Apple, all the user has to do is fill in an E-mail address and password, and the software will "auto-detect" the Exchange Server and make the user’s calendar and mail available in Mac OS X’s iCal and Mail programs. No such Mac compatibility feature from Windows
Price Apple will ship Snow Leopard in September and charge just $29 for Leopard owners to upgrade. Microsoft has hinted that it will offer a cheaper upgrade for Vista users to move to Windows 7, but has not announced details.
Accessibility Expose window–previewing feature to the Dock Aero Peek feature as part of its new task bar. Overall Expose Window seems to be better!

So over all it seems that Microsoft is not in a leading position from Apple. Also read below some technical analysis by Apple team

Some words from Apple:

In a keynote speech at the Worldwide Developer Conference here, Apple’s Bertrand Serlet, when asked about OS X, said

“We love Leopard, We are proud of Leopard. The goal of Snow Leopard, was really to build a better Leopard.”

which clearly shows that the objective of Apple’s updates are to build some new and moreover better product, whereas that of Microsoft is to build over its existing product… Also while drawing a contrast between Windows and Leopard, Serlet said

“We’ve come at it from such a different place.”

about the next version of its OS. This line indeed has some attitude in it! Isn’t it?

So it seems that there is some good or better say hard competition between MS and Apple. Lets see who wins this time! Also if you are a Mac User or Windows 7 user, then don’t forget to share your views with us!

 Source: CNET News

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