Have a large screen & good Internet? Watch YouTube XL Videos on your HDTV

YouTube XL Bigger is Better Y ouTube is no doubt, the leading service used to watch videos on computers starting from small game consoles to High end home theater PCs. Now a days with billions of HD playbacks daily, Google has finally launched a dedicated YouTube service for HDTV users, known as YouTube XL. XL stands for “Extra Large”… So obviously as the name suggests YouTube XL is designed for those users who like to watch High Definition Videos on their Big Screen Monitor! To know more about this please read on…

Features and Advantages:

YouTube XL Better Layout and simple navigation Click to enlarge

  • The designing approach of YouTube XL is simple: Bigger interface controls and fewer but important options. The space for the appearance of video layout has been maximized.
  • Large text for simplicity. Old Navigation and comments above and below the screen have been chopped off!
  • Turns the playback controls into an overlay instead of permanent buttons. In short the new design is cool and optimized for hardcode video watcher.
  • YouTube XL offers a “continous play” feature. Simply search on a topic and press the “Play” button once. XL will automatically play all the videos from the search results successively!
  • Users having Bluetooth remote controls can also play/pause and do more remotely!
  • And obviously a single click to turn into full screen in order to get experience a proper Home theatre environment from YouTube.

YouTube XL Turn into Home Theater Click to enlarge

Quite cool isn’t is? To go to XL site simple click on this link…

Site Link: http://www.youtube.com/xl

Do you have a HDTV? Are you a regular users of YouTube? Have something to say or want to share your experience? If so please feel free to speak through your comments!

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