Safari Web browser hits version 4 ~ New Tabs and even Win7 AeroPeek compatibility

safari logo M ac is well known for their quality of product. After the release of Chrome 2, Apple has hit the Web browsers lodge with the Brand New Safari version 4. The web browser is stunning in terms of design and fast in terms of workability. It is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista and even 7 and amazingly the open Tabs were fully compatible with Windows 7 aero Peek feature. Please read on to know more about its features and download link…

Download and Compatibility:

Safari is fully compatible with Mac and Windows PC. If it is already installed then simply Update it. Else you may download it from official Website from the link below. [Only 27 MB is size]

>>Click here to go to Safari Website

Or you can also download it from CNET from this link. Windows | Mac

New and Fresh Looks:

As said before this time Apple has made some real stunning look to Safari 4. With the new interface to Tabs, Bookmark Menu, Status bar, Speed dial Tab, Safari is all you need to have a rock solid browser at your work space. Unlike Safari 3 which used to look more like chrome, Safari 4 has came up with many new features and brand new layouts. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Hidden Bookmark, Menu and Status bar: Hiddedn Menu ItemsThe new browser is quite sophisticated and looks slim with these hidden function ability. We just need to click a single button to grab them. The Bookmark Tab is stunning and the page animations are also cool. Below is a screenshot of the New Bookmark Tab.

Note that these stunning features will come only if your PC can handle them.

2. New Tabbed interface: Safari Tabbed Browsing All web browsers are developed keeping the word “Tabbed Browsing” in mind! Safari is no less. The new tabs looks great with curvy skins and upside-down alignment. See the screenshot below…

3. Cool Animations: If your PC can handle it then you will be able to see some cool animations while opening a new tab, a new page or even clicking on the Speed dial pages. Altogether they are known as CoverFlow. This is the best thing I liked about Safari.

New Features:

Safari now has many new features in it! Below are given some interesting Features:

1. Better Speed Dial Page: In Safari it is known as Top Sites which resembles the Speed dial interface of Opera. Open up a new Tab and see something like this!Safari Speed Dial Quite cool isn’t it?

2. Crash proof: Now we know that there is nothing called absolute crash proof but keeping in mind the crashes caused by malfunctioning flash scripts, Safari has been designed in such a way that only the Flash plug-in causing the crash will be suspended. The whole page or other Tabs will continue to work…

3. Smart Surfing: The URL bar does feature "smart" surfing, but only for including your history and bookmarks–much like Internet Explorer. Chrome and Firefox remain the only browsers to default to Google’s "feeling lucky" style of searching from the location bar.

Compatibility with Windows 7 Aero Peek feature:

Safari Aero Peek compatibility This thing amazed me the most. Unlike Firefox or Google Chrome where we can not see the opened tabs of browser under taskbar Aero Peek, in Safari when we open up a new Tab it gets integrated in Aero Peek. So we just need to hover our Mouse on the Taskbar icon to browse through different open tabs. Above is given a  screenshot which explains the compatibility!


There has been loads of talks about the brand new Safari! Seth Rosenblatt in CNET News says

“The black background, curvature, and reflective window bottom make this the most professional-looking Web browser around. A blue star and an upturned corner indicate that a site has been updated since your last visit to it. Tap the Edit button in the bottom left corner to remove a site or pin a site permanently to Top Sites.”

he also includes that

“Apple’s big claim with Safari is that it’s the fastest browser on the market, and Apple just might be right on that count. On an Intel Core Duo T400 ThinkPad, with 3GB of RAM and a 2.53GHz processor, I ran both Webkit’s SunSpider JavaScript test and Mozilla’s Dromaeo test on Firefox 3.5 Preview, Google Chrome 2, and Safari 4. Safari came out on top in Dromaeo by a long shot, but Chrome eked by in SunSpider.”

Also Safari 4 is the first nonbeta browser to fully complete the Acid3 Web standards compliance test.

So overall Safari 4 is smart, elegant and worth a download.

Some drawbacks:

Although Safari has a wide range of feature but still there are some drawbacks! Below is a
list of things which we should keep in mind:

  • Safari still demands more RAM. According to Seth

    “Safari is still a RAM-devouring beast, too. With two tabs open, one to Dromaeo and one to SunSpider, it was using a shocking amount of RAM–more than 500MB after running both tests. Google Chrome consumed about 75MB of RAM across the same two sites under the same circumstances, while Firefox required 120MB.”

  • Although Safari gives a wide range of cool animations those are available only to relatively new Computers! If you have somewhat old CPU then you wont even get a single of these features!

So what ever may it be it looks like Safari is trying its best to increase its market share from 8% to a bit more. Personally I have tested Safari and found it really amazing. Don’t forget to share your views also!

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    Safari's new speed dial is very cool graphics-wise. but is is that useful when you're trying to navigate to your most wanted destination? not sure – my take is that the approach the Firefox extension from New tab king ( is more useful when it comes to that – as your exact destinations frequency is represented in their bar chart links.


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