Download Web Videos directly from your Firefox using Video DownloadHelper

If you are a regular internet user, then you must have came across many sites showing web videos [Take YouTube for example]. Basically when you play a video from these sites, the videos are actually stored in your hard disk. Your browser downloads them and then plays it accordingly. But as the download is not direct, you can not save it for your personal use and have to replay [i.e., download the video again] the video to see it again.

Video Download HelperSo, the question is what to do to download those videos on your hard disk? Well a simple googling may answer your question but then again a question arises which tool to use?  Using third party software can not only slow down your PC, but also invite viruses and other malwares in your system…

Now, if you are a Firefox user like me, then you are one step ahead on easily downloading online flv videos. Today we are going to discuss about a Firefox Add-on, which will not only let you easily download all the videos you see embedded on web pages but also to convert them, store them securely, copy the URL of the video or even tweet about the video and also blacklisting them. This feature rich Add-on is known as Video DownloadHelper. Read below to know more about it…

Downloading and Installing Video DownloadHelper Add-on:

Home Page | Direct Addon Link | User Manual | Official FAQ Lists

Note that you need Firefox to install this Addon. If don’t have it already then simply go here to read why and how to install Firefox Web Browser on your PC.

Click on Add to Firefox Now just simply Click on the “Add to Firefox” from the Direct Addon Link written above. The Addon will automatically get installed. Now you are ready to download any web video you see online!

How to use the Addon to download Web(FLV) videos:

Basically it is very easy:

  • Simply go to sites like YouTube where videos are embedded and streamed on a webpage.
  • In most of the cases, a Video Download Helper Button will get appended beside the video.Embedded button beside the Video Simply click on the button and download your video.
  • Else access the Addon from the navigation toolbar icon.Select the video you want to download Simply click on the button beside the Address bar and a menu will show you a list of videos on the current page. Download the one you like.

Other Features of Video DownloadHelper Addon:

Apart from this, there are many other things which you can do with this cool addon.

  • Download and Convert the video in various formats;
    Convert using VDH Basically it uses a third party converter, namely convertHelper to do this. It is only 3.6 MB and you can download it to enable this video conversion feature. There are two versions free and registered. The free version only shows a DownloadHelper logo on the converted video.
  • You can tweet about the video
  • Add the video to black list
  • Or, even send the video to your mobile

You need to setup DownloadHelper properly to access all these features. Simply Right Click on the Video DownloadHelper icon from the navigation bar and go to Preferences. From there go to Services and enter all the information needed…

By default Video DownloadHelper searches for Adult videos as well. If you don’t want this then you can set this off from here. Note than you won’t be able to revert settings back after you enter into the safe mode.

Also you can go to the Support page for more information or browse their official Manuals and FAQs…

Home Page | Direct Addon Link | User Manual | Official FAQ Lists

So that was a cool Firefox Addon to download videos directly from your browser. I hope it was useful for you. If you know any other service better than this do let us know… Also don’t forget to give your Feedback.


  1. prashu_gsr

    thank u broda for dis tool. its very handy nd very easy to use…

  2. vishal

    I use gmail chat in web browser mozilla.
    Sometimes my friend and myself use webcam to chat with each other.
    I need to capture the video which is streaming on my screen from my friends webcam.
    Can u please help me out, how should I do that?
    Thanks in advance.


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