Recuva ~ Undelete, Unerase files from devices w/ FREE File Recovery Software

Accidently deleted your files from your memory card and now wondering if there is a way to get them back? Well, obviously there is a way! There are many File Recovery software which does the job of undeleting or unerasing files on your device. The device can be a memory card, a pen drive or your hard disk itself! But the problem is, most of the software are either not free or consumes too much of memory!


Well, its been quite a while I have been using Recuva – The File Recovery Freeware software from Piriform. Yes, it is from the providers of the best freeware maintenance utility CCleaner! With the help of this tool you can easily recover your lost files from your storage devices… Lets have a close look to this great piece of Freeware…

Wizard Based Recovery n Advance Interface:

Recuva Wizard mode Recovering your files have never been easier before the Recuva Wizard. Just start the software and it will automatically take you to the recovery wizard. The follow through the steps and keep on clicking next buttons until you get your files!

If you wish to recover your file like an advanced user, then simply click on the cancel button on the wizard. The Recuva will come back with its full featured advance interface.

Full Interface

All what you need to do is select the drive from where you want to recover your files and press the “SCAN” button. It will automatically scan the drive for recoverable files.

All the files in Green Dots are excellent condition for recovering. Whereas the red and yellow dots are for non-recoverable and poorly recoverable files respectively. Just select the file you want to recover, and click on the recover button! Your deleted file is now at your hand!

Other Features:

  • Very low on size [only 3.7MB] and high on feature. Also has a portable version which you can take where ever you go and use when ever you want without installation.
  • Very Fast scanning. On my machine, it took only 5-10 seconds to scan a 50GB partition and list down the recoverable files.
  • Recover unsaved word document. Recuva can intelligently built word documents from MS Word’s temporary files…
  • Deep Scan: Where it takes only a few moment to scan a drive, Recuva can also go for a deeper scan with more time to tell exactly how much you can recover!
  • Permanently delete your files using Recuva to protect it from being recovered.
  • Fully Compatibility with all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista as well! Also it comes with many languages!

Download and Website:

Here are the links to download the files:

You can know more about the software from the following pages:

Features | Screenshots | Reviews | Help

That was all about this great piece of software. I hope it was useful for you! Don’t forget to give your feedback.


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  2. Blogger Salsan

    i have a sandisk 32 gb pen drive. but now it is showing only 100 mb of space. lots of files were there in the drive. but i cant see any of the files now. i tried to recover files using recuva, easy recovery and system mechanic recovery tools. but nothing could find. please help me to recover my files. thanks in advance.

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