Can Windows 7 defeat Mac OS X this time? [In terms of Features]

Windows 7 is obviously the next candidate of Microsoft OS family. Although there has been many rumors and news about the release date of Windows 7 but the truth is still hidden by Microsoft! I guess this is the effective marketing policy of MS. Ok! Now coming straight to the topic, we know that, Microsoft has been accused many times for stealing features from Mac OS X for its Windows. Some of them might be true while some might be nothing but rumors but this time the situation is a little bit different! Now experts say that Windows 7 has came up with such feature that Mac OS X now needs to think about learning them from Windows. Shocked? Even I was having the same reaction as of yours until I read the full article at And even after reading this you will also think that this indeed has some point there! Here are a compact list few features that will surely runover Mac OS X this time

1. Windows 7 taskbar:
Effective than MAC OS X Dock in terms of “task switching” and equivalent in terms of Program launcher. Gives thumb preview on hovering over the running apps and also shows how many programs are open! Even in terms of looks and style it is simply just better than OS X dock

2. Network Center:
Although it was included since Windows Vista but still one of the best feature Vista and now Windows 7 supports. With the simple to look and user-friendly Network monitoring panel you will get all what you need for Networking Thirst ~ giving a much superior and advanced platform than Mac OS X.

3. Jump Lists:
Right click on an active Application at the taskbar or even at the most recently used item on start menu and you will get a list of associated actions or item with that particular Application ~ Known as Jump List. For example play all the movies/songs in Windows media player or also see the recently viewed word documents directly from taskbar jump list.

4. Desktop backgrounds ~ Simply insane:
This time Microsoft has gone really crazy. The only way of understanding this is by downloading Windows 7 Official wallpapers from sources below.

  1. Windows 7 RC official wallpaper
  2. 100+ free official and unofficial Windows7 wallpaper
  3. High resolution Windows 7 wallpaper

I hope you have understood why we have mentioned Desktop background images as simply insane. These looks much better than the MAC OS X’s abstract, nature and softer wallpaper collection

That is only a few features of Windows 7. If you want to get a complete list of Windows 7 features then you may wish to read these articles:

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