Mozilla Prism hits 1.0 ~ Bringing Web applications to your desktop

Mozilla always gives us many freebies to ease up our computing life. Be it Firefox, Thunderbird or anything, they are on the best list of their kind! Now Mozilla Labs has finally released Mozilla Prism which will surely ease up our Internet life by bringing websites at our finger tips. The newly released Mozilla Labs supports both Firefox extension as well as standalone Application. If you want to try this out now then below given are the download links…

Now if you want to know what Prism does them please read on…

1. Primary Objective ~ Converting your favorite webpages into Application:
The concept is quite good. Previously Google chrome was having this feature but now with the help of Prism your Firefox can also do this. The basic thing is that
You can create small application which on launch will give your Webpages at your desktop instantly! This means there is no need to open up different webpages through your browser, instead launch them directly from your website. To know how this works from inside Firefox have a look at this video…

Also if you want to see the features of the standalone application then have a look at this video

Quite interesting isn’t it? The best part of this is that you can access the Web pages from Taskbar or Dock!

2. Best Features:

  • Associate applications with browser links:
    Some browser links cause an application to run rather than opening in the browser. A popular example are mailto: links that open your mail client and fill out the recipient (and optionally the subject line) for you. Until now, you were out of luck if you use a web mail client, but now Prism lets web apps handle these links just like traditional desktop apps

  • Run applications automatically when your computer starts: Some web apps are so important that we want them running all the time. For some users this might mean Gmail, Facebook or Flickr. With Prism you can set an app to run automatically whenever your start your computer.
  • System tray icon and dock badges: On Windows, the system tray icon can be changed to give information about application status (e.g. adding a star to show that your web mail has new messages). On Mac, a badge can be added to the dock icon for the same purpose.
  • Popup alerts: Applications can be configured to display popup alerts for certain events. For example, your web mail could display an alert when a new mail arrives.

3. Potentials and Future:
We all know about the stability of Mozilla Application. They are famous for giving us Rock solid Stable Apps. Now with the help of the Prism Extension for Firefox we can create application for our favorite webpage, the only feature which was keeping Mozilla behind chrome [Well a little bit]. So it is unlikely that Prism will soon get integrated to next Firefox release. Atleast Josh Lowensohn at cnetnews says so! I myself going to use this piece of coolware to ease up my web application needs! Dont forget to share your experience also!

~~The End~~

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