5 Best sites to get FREE Photoshop Tutorials

TAll in one PS Resourceshis post is for all those people who have any interest in photoshop (Read : photoshop beginners) .I still remember when I first started practicing photoshop some months ago, it was really difficult for me to find info such as tutorial, inspiration and resources, especially for beginners who don’t have much experience in it.Working with Photoshop can be quite time consuming for both beginners and advanced users. Once you’ve worked with it for a while, you begin to find that you’re constantly going back and forth between the same menu items or palette buttons. If you’re anything like me, you’re switching tools so often that most of your time spent in Photoshop isn’t even on the photo — it’s messing with the vast array of editing tools. Fortunately with the plethora of help online it wont be as difficult as it seems.

That’s why I did this little roundup for you and hopefully it will benefit you right at the beginning of your design career :). Well, these 5 sites were of great help to me , and i hope that hey help you too .

#1 : Deviant Art ~ Where Art meets Application

DAscreenshot (Large)Deviant Art:deviant ART is an Worldwide American online community showcasing various forms of user-made artwork.deviantART aims to provide a place for any artist to exhibit and discuss works. Works are organized in a comprehensive category structure, including photography, digital art, traditional art, literature, Flash, filmmaking, and skins for applications, among others, along with extensive downloadable resources such as tutorials and stock photography. You can find hundereds of tutorials here on photomanipulation , colouring , using brushes and so on.You can also add your selected tutorials in your collections or simply download them.

#2 : Photoshop Lady ~ All of the Best Photoshop Tutorials Around the World

photoshopladyPhotoshop lady : As the site says “All the Best Photoshop Tutorials in One Place ” , it is the best collection over here on 3D effect , abstract effect ,photo manipulation, drawing effect ,text effect , user interface (UI) designs and so on.PhotoshopLady is a really cool site, awesome web 2.0 design, even i hope to get my own tutorials featured there soon.If you’re not into subscribing to 40 different Photoshop blogs and checking them all every time, I recommend you subscribe to this one and you will be able to see all of the best Photoshop tutorials from around the web in just the one place!

#3 : PSD TutPlus ~ The Photoshop Tutorials +

screenPsd Tutsplus: Psdtuts+ is a blog/Photoshop site made to house and showcase some of the best Photoshop tutorials around. They publish tutorials that not only produce great graphics and effects, but explain the techniques behind them in a friendly, approachable manner.Reading Psdtuts+ will help the readers learn a few tricks, techniques and tips that they might not have seen before and help them maximize their creative potential!

#4 : Abuzeedo ~ Abducted by Design

abduzeedoAbduzeedo :Abduzeedo is a blog about the world of design, about the elements that are in it.Here you can find amazing tutorials not only on photoshop but also on Illustrator ,pixelmator , fireworks ,GIMP and CSS also .You can also download lovely wallpapers from this site .

#5 : Photoshop Tutorials ~ In-Depth PS Tuts

screenphotoshop tutorials : At PhotoshopTutorials.ws, you will find in-depth Adobe Photoshop tutorials, Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorials, Photography tutorials. Their new tutorials are created using Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS4 but most can be followed using older versions such as Photoshop CS. Just add it to your bookmarks and get the best tutorials and articles on photoshop any time you want .You can find tutorials on drawing , photo effect , photo manipulation, Animation , Photo retouching , Text effects ,textures etc.

Well that’s it from us .We hope that you found this post really useful .Do give us your own list of useful sites , we would be more than glad to know .


  1. TechZoomIn

    I'm trying hard to learn photoshop..I don't even know basics dude.. Please tell me which is the best and easy one to go..

  2. pyrotechnicpixy

    well lax if u r a beginner then i would recommend you to read some articles on photoshop …. we would be posting our own tutorials very soon though ……….. but still i think photoshop lady has nice tutorials ……… good for beginners ………….. even psd tuts+ ……………….. btw m a gal 😛 n not a dude

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