FREE Web Development, CSS, jQuery, HTML, PhotoShop Tutorials Collections – 6 best site giving AIO Resources for Web Developers

Lets-design-our-own-web I have been working really long with Web Development and Designing, and previously we came up with many posts regarding Web Designing. Being a Computer Science and Eng. Student, my place for learning web development has been this Wild web itself. I have stumbled upon many sites giving Free and Very useful tutorials related to Web Development from scratch. By reading and learning through those tutorials I have learned so much that I can now design anything related to CSS/xHTML from Scratch.

So, I though of making a collection of BEST web designing sites available on net which gives premium and very useful tutorials for free. This will also be a token to the authors of those Blogs/Sites from whom I have learned many things. Our list will contain web sites giving Tutorials/Resources related to…

  • CSS and xHTML web designing and Web development.
  • jQuery and other Web related Programming language.
  • Tutorials related to Photoshop as a Web development tool and collection of Free yet useful and stylish fonts, flash stuffs, forms, Template etc…
  • Miscellaneous articles related to latest news coming on the world of Web development.

What’s more? Well all the site are pretty much famous and if you are too a web designer then you can find a career for yourself there, as well. So enough of Introduction, lets get back into the work…

1: ~ All your needs to CSS, PS, xHTML & more

Web designer wall

The name says it all. This site has a mind-blowing PageRank of 7. Just imagine the popularity of this blog! Each day they come up with loads of PhotoShop, CSS, xHTML and many more tutorials which can fulfill all our Web Development needs. They also give tutorials related to JavaScript, Flash, WordPress and SEO. In shorts a one step shop for all your Web Development needs. Below are some quick links:

You can also find a career for yourself here if you are a Web Designer or Developer. Personally I use this site a lot for developing my Web designing.

2: ~ More of CSS/xHTML with a little dose of AJAX/JavaScript:


A perfect site to find more of Web Development Tutorials. A PageRank of 6 says all about the blog. It gives tutorials on mainly xHTML/CSS and also includes AJAX/JavaScript, WordPress, PHP and PhotoShop/FireWorks. You will never get bored reading the tutorials on this site! Below are some important Links at once:

There are loads of FREE WordPress themes and Contact Forms, Web Site template, menus etc under the Freebies area. Browse them and Enjoy!

3: ~ Graphics and Web design Blog:

1st web designer

Another good Blog to find all the Resources you need to start making your own web site. Be it PhotoShop, Fonts, CSS Tutorials, xHTML tricks… 1stwebdesigner hosts them all! It has a PageRank of 5 which speaks about its popularity. Here are some of the Important pages:

In addition to all the Web Development stuffs you can also get WordPress related articles here. I have found them really useful while developing my first WP theme [It is still under process]

4: ~ For Web Designing, Development & Business

build Internet

Another blog with a smashing PR-4 giving huge collection of Web development tutorials. They have archived loads of Designing Tutorials, Photoshop n Web development Resources along with a huge list of Inspirational collections. Here are some of the categories:

In addition, they also write on PHP development and many WordPress Tutorials along with Color Scheme inspiration.

5: ~ Web development and PS Tutorials


A must visit site for every one. Gives tutorials related to Web Developments, Photoshop, Designing Tips and Tricks, Cross browser compatibility tutorials and many more. This Website has a PageRank of 4 which tells us how active and famous this site is! Below are some of the Useful links from this site

You can also apply for a FreeLancing job here. Personally I have learned many things including cross browser compatibility (especially IE6) from this site.

6: ~ Hand Picked Designing news aggregator:

design newz

Last but not least, the well know If you don’t want to browse through so many sites to get your Web designing needs, then this is all what you need! This site provides a great archive of popular Web designing tutorials and resources. The best aggregator I have seen which filters out spam to give genuine and quality contents. Browse through the site and you will definitely like this…

Are you a web designer your-self and have published many articles already? Then why don’t you try to submit your articles to design-newz and get some traffic from there! Here is the link for the Submission page.

So that was the end of our list containing all the online resources you need to polish your designing skills. If you have came across any better Web development website then do let us know through your comments. Also if you have liked this post, then do share it with your friends and give us your precious Feedbacks. Oh! and one more thing… You can also browse through some cool Web development articles from here and here(Header image Credit: windserver)


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