Create Ajax style Loading Animated Gif images easily with 3 Free Online Generators

After working much with AJAX and jQuery, I was in a need for a cool pre-loading image. Yes, the preloading image which stays until the whole jQuery/AJAX operation is done. Its a good way to tell the visitors

Wait!     ajax-loader    Our work is in progress… 84

Did you notice the cool loading Gif icons there? Yes, today we are going to share some of free loading or pre-loading animation generators. With the help of these three websites, you will be able to make your own pre-loader animated gif images with loads of styles, color and pre-set formatting Online! Now that’s cool. We don’t need to get our hand on Photoshop now at least!

So, enough of introduction… Now lets get back to the websites from where we can generate cool pre-loading images (Animated of course) online… ~ Best place for varieties of loading images: preview best one yet This is the best one I found on Internet. It gives us the following features, of course for free

  • Categorized variety to choose from. It includes 3D, Rectangular, Circular, Horizontal and Zodiac signs. The site is under improvement so more categories is surely to be added soon.
  • Freedom to choose Background color (Even transparent also) and obviously image color. The image color is blended well (automatically) to make a cool 3D effect on your animation Customize prelaoder dot net
  • Freedom to choose Width and Height with proper proportion
  • We can also choose our animation speed.

Website Link: Click Here

Overall gives us many aspects of modification. So this is the most useful and handy tool to design preloader image for your Web Applications online on a go! If you have this, you don’t need anything else! ~ Make animation in conventional AJAX style:

Ajax Load dot info conventional style A great site for conventional AJAX style loading image lovers. The site name says it all. With this cool piece of tool you can choose between many AJAX style (Yeah! that sounds cool) images. Below is a complete list of features

  • Choose between 37 preset images. (Right now on beta stage, so more will be added soon)
  • Choose the background color (supports transparency) and image color.
  • Simply click on generate and download!

Website Link: Click Here

The only disadvantage I found on this site is, we can not choose our image size. Rest everything works fine! Also as said before, this is currently on beta stage. So we can expect many more features from this site soon. ~ Free loader generator:

loader generator Yet another site with free preset loader images. We can customize it in many aspects like

  • Choose between 132 preset images
  • Can use preset colors or enter direct hex color code.
  • Choose between 16X16, 32X32 or 48X48 image size

Website Link: Click Here

This site is a cool one with many preset images to choose from! The only drawback is they don’t use a custom color picker, rather they are using preset colors. I hope they change this interface soon!

So that was our complete list of free & online pre-loader animated gif image generator for your website/application. My favorite is Do give your feedback telling us the one you have liked. Also if you know any other free online loader generator, then share with us!

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