YSlow Firebug addon to Test and Optimize your Website Performance

YSlow Firebug AddonOne thing we all bloggers care about, is, the performance of our blog! No matter how rich is the content, a slow blog is unlikely to get any attention from the visitor. So, I thought about discussing two great plugins for Firefox Firebug addon, which will help you diagnose your Blog’s/Websites performance on many aspects. Be it CSS, CSS Sprite, images, JS, HTML or whatever these two addons will deeply analyze your blog and will let you know where your blog is going down and how you can fix them up!

#0: Get Firefox+Firebug First:

As mentioned before these plugins works on the great Firebug Addon for firefox. If you are not already using firefox, then download the firefox browser and firebug addon from the link given below:

Recommended reading:

Now that you have the basic requirements, you are ready to go!

#1: Installing the YSlow Firebug Addon:

YSlow, so far is the best addon I have seen for measuring website’s performance! Developed by Yahoo! it not only gives a detailed information about your site, but also tools to let you fix things which are wrong! Here are some key features of YSlow

  • Complete Grading: The best feature about YSlow is it grades your site completely based on your preference… YSlow gradingIf you look at the screenshot below then you will see, how much our site gets from YSlow! Apart from that it lists down each and every thing according to its grade. So you know exactly what is slowing down your site.
  • Components Listing: Do you have too many of JS files and CSS images and want to trace them? Scanning your sites code for this manually can get quite hectic!YSlow Components This where YSlow saves us! It lists down all the components like doc, js, css, css images, images etc and also shows their sizes and optimization tips.
  • JS debugging: YSlow has built in support for showing beautified or minified source of all the JS files from your site.YSlow Tools What more? It comes packed with JSLint that helps you debug your JS.
  • Others: YSlow also comes with CSS compressor, image compressor and much more!

DOWNLOAD LINK: Yahoo! YSlow for Firebug;

So basically YSlow is a-z Yahoo! Web developers kit for all Blog or Website owners. Install it today and start optimizing your site!


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