Review: Play ZombieDobby Browser game and win a Sony Playstation 3

Are you fond of playing online game? If so, then I might have the right thing for you. Basically, I too got a little interest in this game when I was asked to review their service.


ZombieDobby is basically a browser based game for net savvies. You install the ZombieDobby Toolbar on your Firefox and you are a part of the zombie world…

Keep on surfing the net to increase your score. When you start you get 10 Health. As you surf you increase your score and buy upgrades to keep alive and avoid being a Zombie. Say, on a particular domain, if you encounter with another player [both being brain] the encountering starts [ie, tagging the page]… If you win, you get huge bonus and increased health. If you lose your health is decreased by 1. Lose all your health and you become a Zombie… Now attack other brains and try to make them Zombie as well… To know more about the rules have a look at here.

Brain to a Zombie

Basically, what I feel is, the concept behind the game is to tag internet in a funny way. You tag pages when you encounter a player, win it and get points. On the contrary, your tagging helps the system to improve internet!

To play this game all you need to do is install the Firefox extension. Rest all is done by the toolbar itself!

ZombyDobby Toolbar

This game is currently is in alpha version, so it is currently undergoing tests, upgrades and bug fixes. What more? Well ZombieDobby will be out of Alpha testing on or before June 1, 2010, at which time the first full prize round will begin and players will be automatically entered to win a new Sony Playstation 3 game system. So, you should try your luck this time!!

Do give us your feedback and tell us how you liked this game!


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