YouTube to go 3D ?? But no improvement on Upload limit yet!

Did you people like kung fu panda ?? Well at least i loved it and am waiting for the sequel …. But the sequel is to be released in 3D and this summer there are at least three major motion pictures in 3D.The format is exploding in popularity, and already there are countless 3D videos on YouTube. Well a good news for all you movie buffs YouTube now allows uploading of 3D videos c_logo_no_text

Though still very much in experimental mode, a YouTube developer has built a stereoscopic player—a fancy way of saying you can already view some YouTube videos in 3D. The project is open for testing now.

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This is a new feature and many of the kinks are still being worked out (for instance, 3D videos cannot be embedded).

A screenshot :youtube-3d-screenshot

Some basics around shooting 3D videos (this isn’t as easy as it seems, so patience is key):

  • Use two cameras arranged like a pair of eyes.
  • Start both cameras recording simultaneously.
  • In your video editing program, place the footage for the left and right eyes together in the frame side by side, with the right eye on the left and the left eye on the right.
  • Upload your video! Edit your videos tags and add yt3d:enable=true. If video is widescreen, add yt3d:aspect=16:9 too.

Test out the 3D feature for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments. And if you find an interesting 3D video, feel free to embed it below on our comment for all to see…

For now, you may wish to see this video on YouTube to check the cool 3D Effect

Now one thing is that, YouTube surely is trying to increase its popularity by introducing many more new features! On the other hand, one question still remain…

Is this the feature user actually want?

Well from our previous discussion on YouTube and its new upload limit, it is totally cleat then perhaps it is the “Time Limit” user demands more from YouTube! So lets see how YouTube tackles it and improves itself more.

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  1. Tech-Freak Stuff

    I would love to watch 3D videos on Youtube!! But I think, we will need that special glasses used for watching 3d films.

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