Yahoo home page gets a make over

Yahoo! launched its new homepage yesterday on Tuesday, months earlier than previously planned, according to published reports.the new home page features in-site access to web applications such as Twitter and Facebook.

the Wall Street Journal online reported that the firm, which has been losing ground to rival search engine Google, will launch the new-look site from tomorrow, months ahead of schedule.The retooled page will be introduced in the U.S. on Tuesday; the U.K., India and France later this week. It will roll out to the rest of the world during the next year, according to the Associated Press.

New Yahoo Homepage Yahoo! is expected to release its second quarter earnings tomorrow, with traders predicting a dip in earnings.

Yahoo has held its second place spot in the search engine rankings behind Google and has kept Microsoft at bay in third place. Yahoo is set to unveil a new home page that is said to be a blend of Yahoo’s online content and products with popular social networking sites thrown in like Facebook and Twitter. Yahoo says that the home page makeover is the most significant the site has received since its launch more than ten years ago.

the biggest changes are :

  • a pane on the left side of the page, called My Favorites, where people can customize links to Yahoo’s and other services, from news to social networks
  • These applications, as Yahoo calls them, number 65 at first, but people will be able to add their own by typing in Web page addresses. Later, other software developers will be able to design their own, more sophisticated apps that people can add

News and headlines still run down the middle of the site, which has a slightly cleaner look than the current homepage,.

The new design is expected to be available as an option for users when they go to Yahoo.Com, the daily said.