YouTube Doubles its size to promote more HD contents

YouTube logo Good news for every YouTube lover. It has now doubled its uploading limit from 1GB to 2GB. So it means more HD and quality content for everyone!

Although YouTube had already started supporting HD contents, but still 1 GB of disk-space seemed pretty low for that. So finally with the doubled space we can make full use of HD. We have pointed out some pros and cons of this update and also some tips below! Also we have shared a short uploading tutorial and have tried to figure out the importance of this update! So do have a look…

Newer Features & Uploading Tips

With the implementation of some new features uploading and sharing HD version videos have become lot more easier! The YouTube Team Product manager Ryan Junee has mentioned some tips which are as follows…

To share a link to the HD version of your video, simply append &hd=1 to the end of the URL. This means the video will start playing in HD as soon as someone follows the link. Cool, huh?

Also he Junee has mentioned that

To embed the HD version of a video on a website or blog, click the ‘customize’ button to the right of the embed box on the video page. Some options will appear; simply check ‘play in HD‘. The embed code that’s generated will cause the video to start playing in HD as soon as a viewer clicks play. We recommend embedding HD videos at the largest size (853×505) for maximum enjoyment

Here is a short tutorial on uploading HD videos…

How to upload video on YouTube:
  • Just go to YouTube HomePage and sign in using your YouTube or Google account.
  • Now click on the Upload dropdown menu on the right side of the screen and select the Upload Video File Upload tips select the Upload video File
  • Choose a video and start uploading  Press the Upload Button and select the video
  • It will show you a progress bar! Wait until its done and make your customization. Wait till it finishes

Pros and Cons and other Critics:

Of course YouTube has taken a good step to promote HD and thereby promote its usage! But still the question remains that can it really satisfy YouTube users? Well after having a quick look the comments on the YouTube blog post I really don’t think so! The following are some of the points users have mentioned:

  • 2GB video size is obviously not something a normal user may want! It is perhaps the length limit which is still kept limited to 10 mins only [Pretty low]
  • Also according to user sensei48:

    Doesn’t appear that either of your so-called "upgrades" are generating much user support at all. By the time the fed-up proportion of users begins to migrate in serious numbers to DailyMotion, Veoh, Yahoo, and so on it’ll be too late to stop the hemorrhage.

    Which seems pretty much logical!

  • Now the comment of rwmtiger really seemed pretty strong in terms of logic!

    Why in the world do you think i going upload 2gb. i know how long it take to download at 1mb speed! 6hr. i hate to see at .5mb speed on upload. 12hr??? no thank. i keep going the way i been uploading!!!

So in shorts it seems that this update is only for commercial usage not for personal or home usage which YouTube has tried to depict in the blog post! Personally I only like YouTube because of the Gears support and multiple uploading and more-over a Google Service. But for uploading more lengthy videos we must rely completely on services like DailyMotion, Veoh, Yahoo or MetaCafe!

So how much you use YouTube? Is this update going to make any change on your uploading! Please do share this through your comments!