Drag ‘n’ Drop your Labels in Gmail with Ease – New feature in Gmail

New drag and drop gmail label feature

Gmail has again introduced a new and perhaps well demanded feature in the Mail-box. Just after opening my G-mail today morning, I got this small little pop-up saying that I have got something new and after having a quick look at the Gmail-blog I found this feature to be really useful… With the new Drag ‘n’ Drop Label Feature we can

  • Create a new label with color tag to easily remember them
  • Just mass select all the emails and simply drag them over a particular label to tag instantly
  • Limit the number of important labels to be shown on the left panel of the mail-box

To explain it better we have also included a video tutorial which you can access below! So please read on…

Best features and usage:

  • New location for labels: Now the labels are shown on the left panel just below the control panel and above the chat list. This place is obviously better and easy to find.
  • Label hiding and showing & color customization: select color and manage labels Total control over which label to show and which one to hide. Simply drag the label above to show or below to hide (Explained on the video tutorial). Also now we can add a color tag beside every label to make them easy to remember!
  • Drag and drop: Best of all! You can drag the emails on the label or even the label on the emails. You can also select multiple emails at once and then drag them on a particular label. This is very much useful for managing in a short time!
So below is a video explaining all the features!

The new feature is obviously going to help us managing our bulk emails in a short time. Also to get some more Gmail tips and tricks have a look at here! Don’t forget to let us know about your own experience on this!