Feed, Hot Queries and Latest Post features on Google BlogSearch

Google blogsearch Google-Blogsearch is pretty famous for its blog searching features and now Google has boosted it with more useful and highly demanded features. So along with the exposure to the many blogs over the world we are now getting the following cool features from Google blogsearch…

  • Subscription option through Feeds on every topic;
  • Hot Queries to quickly take a look on the hot trends going on the majority of the blogs
  • Latest Post showcasing new posts from many blogs over the world!

Just Click on this Link to go to Google blogsearch and see it yourself! Below we have figured out some of the pros and cons of them…

Subscribe to BlogSearch Feeds through Atom or RSS:

Much awaited feature. Now we can simply use our feedreader to subscribe to the Google blogsearch. It means

  1. Less time to be spent on the site to get latest news through out the blogs
  2. More new aggregation on our favorite feed reader!

Subscribe to the feed

To subscribe simply click on the subscription button on the right of the address bar (As shown on the image above). Also there is a subscription option on the left hand side lower column for both Atom and RSS feeds! To know more about RSS subscription and Feed-readers have a look at this post

Also we can use a iGoogle gadget to get the feeds directly on the iGoogle homepage.

Hot Queries to quick look at the trends:

Hot Queries

Very much useful to have a quick view on the latest trends going round the blogosphere! According to Akshay Patil, Software Engineer, & Dylan Casey, Product Manager

it’s an easy way to quickly dive into the trending points of conversation on the web

But on the other hand, the total queries covered is pretty low! Also it is not that good in terms of relevance to the particular topic! For example, I was pretty much surprised to find the big fish games Hot-Query under the Technology blogsearch!

Latest posts: Posts from all the blogs on the network~

latest Posts

Latest Posts, on the other hand, shows new posts from popular blogs. While Hot Queries highlights what people are looking for, Latest Posts lets you find out about stories even before people start searching for them.

Well quite impressive! But the question is how this is going to serve anything as there are loads of blogs in this web and only a handful actually serves something good! But overall it gives an exposure to the posts of a blogger in Google although for a pretty short time!

Personal views and feedbacks:

Although I liked the newer feature of Google blogsearch but still there are many drawbacks on it! Also there could have been much better features. Some of them are:

  • The latest post is actually of no use. Because there are so many blogs out here and we actually don’t want to see them all! Instead Latest posts based on a specific category would have been much appreciated…
  • The Hot Query should also be categorized depending on the users options!
  • There should have been a features posts section where posts would have been filtered according to the number of back links, blog PR and so!

Well that’s what I think! Do share yours through your comments… Also if you feel that these features are useful in any other aspects which we have missed, then do let us know!