Yahoo to pull the plug on its mobile app-Yahoo GO

img_3296_yahoo2.0mobilenokia_450x360Yahoo will shut down its
four-year-old Yahoo Go service from the 12th of january
next year(2010), so that it focus on building services in the browser and
applications for high-end smartphones, like the iPhone, Blackberry and Android.Those who haven’t used the app should know it provides
users with quick access to news, weather, search, and other content from Yahoo
network.Yahoo Go was Yahoo’s all-in-one native app of Yahoo services for Windows
Mobile, BlackBerry, and Symbian phones, since January 2006. It gathers together
Yahoo’s services around a rotating carousel motif, the application’s start

Killing Yahoo! Go, as per with Yahoo! Mobile Strategy:

Yahoo Go was first introduced several years ago in 2006 and it offered a way
for mobile phone users to access and interact with their Yahoo accounts and

paxton-160707-yahoogoYahoo Go users received an email yesterday morning,
notifying them that the service will be shutdown at 12 a.m. Pacific on Jan. 12.
In the email, Yahoo encourages the users to visit its new mobile homepage from
the browser to “access an even richer, more personalized Yahoo!
.”Yahoo Mobile still isn’t perfect, and it can also suffer from
information overload. However, active Yahoo Go users will find that their
content is intact, albeit somewhat rearranged.

Killing Yahoo Go is in line with Yahoo’s mobile strategy, says
Yahoo’s global head of mobile product marketing, Adam

In the past 18 months, browser quality has been increasing at an accelerated
rate. We’ve doubled down on our mobile Web strategy.It was the first high
quality PC-like interactive experience on the phone

Taggart would not say how many users the service has, but
said it has attracted millions over time, and was a “hugely
successful product

Download Links:

You can get links for downloading the newer Yahoo App, for your iPhone or
Blackberry from the link below:

You can also try for a demo, from this page.

For those of you who used Yahoo’s app the question is – are you going to miss

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