What should be your primary browser? Firefox or IE

Well there are hundreds of reviews, thousands of arguments and much more reason that why you should choose Firefox as your primary browser. I have been a tech savvy since the age 12! At that time i used to use IE only as I hadn have enough experiences or better say exposure to use the best browser ever available. But once I switched to firefox I forgot IE. Infact I downloaded the latest version of IE – IE8 a few days ago but actually didnot bothered to install it! Weird isnt it? Actually not :D! Once you start using firefox you will definitely understand why [Well if you have not started till now]. Here are some top reasons why I use and prefer firefox when it comes to internet browsing

Greater security:

  • No need to worry about cookie stealing and all! As firefox encrypts cookies so it is very safe to use.
  • More options towards my personal privacy. Like I always clears my private datas, including search forms, history while exiting.
  • Very effective on restricting web forgeries and other attack site
  • Very effective in-built popup blockers

More reliability and accessibility:

  • When it comes to Firefox the best thing is its addons. There are thousands and thousands of addons from which we can choose the one maching our style. I shall be giving many reviews of addons later :).
  • Also firefox gives a wide range of character encoding. Well these unicode characters plays some important role on our “Internet social life” ๐Ÿ˜‰ [Like we include many stylish characters on our signature and so.
  • “Gosh! I was dragging my firefox too much! and now it crashed ;(! Do I have to login to all those accounts again” – NO! When Firefox crashes it automatically save all your sessions which you can resume upon next start! Are you thinking that the session is responsible for the crash! Well then start a new session.
  • Multiple Profile Option: Head to this article on Orkutplus! and you will know what I am talking about ๐Ÿ˜‰

Rich Web development tool:

  • At this stage I cant think about developing or designing a webpage or a blog without firefox. There are many rich and useful addons like firebug, web developer tool using which you can easily navigate through your ideas of designing your blog. I have used many features like ruler and all to easily visualize and design my blog.
  • Selection source: – Now this is one very effective and useful inbuilt feature of firefox. Want to know the source html of something! Simple- select>Right click>View selection source and Voila! The HTML source code at your hand ๐Ÿ˜€

So what are you waiting for! Just do something effective with your IE. Head to Mozilla Firefox download center and start downloading and thereby using the one and only Firefox…

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~~The End~~

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