Cant afford adobe dreamweaver! NVU can be a good alternative

In this world of web designing and blogging, often we need HTML tools to design and decorate our blog and web sites the way we like. For this purpose no doubt adobe dreamweaver is the best tool. But its not a freewareeek. So blog designers like me would definitely go for this easy to use and FREE and open source tool called Nvu Web Authoring Software mrgreen

  1. Easy to use menus and options
  2. Supports Windows, Mac and Linux OS’s and distros
  3. Easy to use feature like that of Frontpage and Dreamweaver

Download Page: Click Here [Windows users should click on the download button below Microsoft Windows – Full Installer (.exe)]

More references:

  1. Nvu FAQs
  2. Nvu Screenshots
  3. Nvu Video tutorials

I have been using this software since quite a long time and I have made the Main menu bar of greenTechspot using Nvu cool Its quiet cool isnt it biggrin

~~The End~~

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