We are finally on our own Domain – inTechgrity.com

logo-ITG So finally the wait is over! Looks like everything is happening good with us! After many months of hard work we have finally shifted our blog one step ahead by switching to our new domain www.intechgrity.com ! Thanks to pyrotechnicpixie for giving me this cool domain name (I really don’t want to remember my experience on searching the domain)…

This is just the beginning! So many works to do and plenty left on our to-do list! Below is a glimpse of what we are going to do!

Our to-do List:

  • Focus more on Web-designing and Programming tutorials
  • Give a monthly round up post for the ease of our readers
  • More technical news and tips n tricks for you
  • And many more surprises coming by the end of this year 😉

The reason behind greenTechspot –> inTechgrity:

Basically we started greenTechspot with the concept that we shall be sharing both technical and non-technical posts on a single blog! But with time we realized that this concept is not good for professional blogging! So we ended up separating both the concepts and named our Tech blog inTechgrity : Arrived from integrity ~ Here we meant an Undivided completeness on Technology. Thanks again to our Blog Co-Admin Pyrotechnicpixie for this domain name!

What’s more? Well we shall be extending our networks to a few other blogs (None  of them will be another technical blog though!)… Keep in touch and we shall unveil them one by one 🙂


First of all thanks to all our readers for their great support! Without you it really would have been impossible for us to grow in such a short time! Thanks again to all our regular readers, Feed Subscribers and twitter followers…

Also thanks to smartbloggerz.com for helping us setting up the custom domain by providing this easy to understand tutorial on setting up blogger custom domain with name.com.


We have just setup our new domain and the process is still under maintenance! So many works left like changing URLs, feed-URL, technoratimedia, changing favicon (Currently working on PS) and many more! We shall be completing them one by one!

Till then thanks to all of you again for your great support and love towards our blog! Our blog is too much precious for us only for you! As we have put our first step on pro blogging our next target will be obviously to make it better (Even by shifting to wp if we feel) in all aspects! Oh! And don’t forget to give us your precious feedback! Your every words shall be counted on making our community even more better!

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