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shazamiphoneapplicationIt has been some time we have talked about the brand new iPhone 3GS and some app list of Blackberry apps. So we thought of talking a little about iPhone apps as well! Now while talking about iPhone apps there are so many things to speak! It is kind of a phone which can run almost every kind of apps capable to do anything, just like your laptop! So many categories to choose and so many apps to explore! But today, apart from all the techie and geeky discussions taking place on our blog, we thought of discussing something related to lifestyle this time! Now, what can come first except music, while talking about Application and Lifestyle…

The best thing about the iPhone is that it’s an 8- or 16-gig iPod.It’s easy to forget sometimes that the iPhone is also an iPod, but with the ever growing collection of music applications, you can get yourself an endless supply of music for “the best iPod yet” (as Cat Stevens like to say).

iPhone an give you as much free music as you can handle with the list of 10 cool music apps we have complied for you . We also included 5 free ones along with the 5 paid ones that can help you figure out the lyrics are to your favorite songs, or even help you identify a song you hear on the radio. Why not turn your iPhone into the ultimate music machine?

5 Free iPhone music apps

Shazam1) Shazam: Frustrated by that radio station that refuses to ID the song you just fell in love with? Let Shazam listen to 10 seconds, and it’ll give you artists, title and even a link to purchase. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be very adept at identifying indie music. Also browse it from the apple store


2)Last.FM:Last.FM, the awesome combination internet radio station, recommendation engine, and social network (now owned by CBS) created its own music iPhone application. It’s actually even more feature-rich than the preceding apps above…scrobbling rules. And, once again, it’s a free iPhone app. Definitely worth checking out.

slacker-iphone-13)Slacker:Sound quality, speed, and access to tunes are the most important ingredients in a mobile streaming radio app, and this app has them in spades.Straightforward and easy to use; saves user data to account.High-quality stereo playback from any wireless connection.Rate songs as favorites.Ban the songs and artists you don’t like

Midomi4) Midomi:Like Shazam, Midomi helps you identify songs, but in addition to holding your iPhone up to the speakers, you can also sing, recite lyrics or even hum a melody. This was particularly helpful when a friend asked me to identify a Fratellis song by its musical hook. Results include artist and album info and buy links.

Pandora_Radio5)Pandora Radio:Pandora Radio is your own FREE personalized radio now available to stream music on your iPhone. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it.

5 Paid iPhone music apps

mzl.kgksestl.100x100-751)My song book: this little app helps you create, find, view and manage song chords and lyrics. It uses the ChordPro format to display chords. You can find free songs in ChordPro format all over the its name suggest – it is a digital songbook – your songbook. The app uses the simple ChordPro format to display chords, and also offer limited support for Plaintext mode for tabs.

2) Midomi(paid) :

Midomi is like Shazam, but you sing into the phone to identify the song rather than holding the handset up to a recording. It identifies songs in about five seconds. The firm claims the app has scored several million downloads since launching at $4.99 three months ago.

ocarina3)Ocarina: One of today’s most interesting iPhone music making applications is Smule’s $1 Ocarina.Somewhat like the physical instrument of the same name, Ocarina provides four virtual “holes” on the iPhone’s screen. To play the instrument you gently blow into the iPhone’s microphone port while covering and uncovering those holes to change the instrument’s pitch. (The requirement to blow into this port explains why this is an iPhone-only application. iPod touch owners need not apply.) The resulting sound is a cross between an electronic pennywhistle and recorder.

PocketGscreenshot14)PocketGuitar:PocketGuitar turns your iPhone into a virtual guitar. Choose from six instruments — Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Muted Guitar, Electric Bass, and Ukulele — then press and strum the strings to play. Even apply different effects such as Distortion, Chorus, and Delay .Priced at .99$

minipiano-16)Pianist: Costs only 4$ but worth an app! As said in apple review:

Transform your iPhone into an 88-key piano and start playing and composing music on the go. Realistic graphics feature 3D keys that depress as you touch them. You can display one or two octaves on the screen at once or jump to any part of the keyboard instantly. And when your magnum opus is ready, you can record it, overdub it as many times as you want, and play it back for your adoring fans.

So that was our list of 5 free and paid [although they are pretty much cheap] iPhone apps! We hope you have liked them all! If you own an iPhone, then why not let us know, your own collection of Free/Paid iPhone apps!


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