Twitter to get a nobel ????

Well the next time you surf the net you may bump into a Nobel peace prize candidate . A US security expert has proposed the honour for the micro blogging site TWITTER , which helped the protesters in Iran beat censorship and tell their tale to the world.twitter-logo-002

   The free social messaging utility uniquely documented and personalised the story of hope , heroism and horror in Iran, says Mark Pfeifle , former deputy national security adviser for strategic communications and global outreach at the US National security council.

quoting Pfeifle from the Christian Science Monitor

The video gave substance to what seemed so far away .We saw the look in her eyes as they went lifeless. We heard the sounds of her friends and family as they begged her to hold on . And she became the personification of the struggle for democracy in a country  where voices for freedom are quelled.

When the journalists were forced to leave Iran , Twitter became a window to the world to view hope ,heroism and horror . It became the assignment desk , the reporter and the producer.

And because of this Twitter and its creators are worthy of being considered for the Nobel peace prize . Twitter and other social media outlets have become the soft weapons of democracy . For those reasons, Twitter deserves consideration for the Nobel peace prize.


  1. TechZoomIn

    Twitter became very very popular indeed..They wouldn't have assumed this situation before they develop it….. Too many supporting sites came to twitter and millions of business running around them..

    Great news you shared dude..Thanks..!

  2. Tech-Freak Stuff

    Twitter with its Hash Tags and its ReTweet property helps people connect to those who are far-far away! I love Twitter and hope it helps making ourselves CONNECTED!!

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