Tweetmeme removes (via @tweetmeme) from the end to give more space for ReTweets – More features coming soon!

tweetmeme one of the best twitter badge It has been only a few days we have talked about branding our Tweetmeme retweet button, now Tweetmeme itself has removed the (via @tweetmeme) from the end of the twitter message. This means:

  • More space for RTs (ReTweets). So we can now hope to get more RTs from our followers and blog readers
  • Better branding of our RT buttons. Without the @tweetmeme credit the tweets look more compact and useful!
  • Of course bigger space for larger Post Titles! Means less chopping of post titles on twitter messages

The story does not end here! We are going to have many more features from tweetmeme as well! Lets have a look on this…

Removal of @tweetmeme credit:

Removal of @tweetmeme credit As discussed before, this is surely going to brand our tweetmeme button and going to give more space for RTs and of course post title. Nick Halstead on one of his post on the tweetmeme blog has said that:

Firstly one big change we have already made is to remove the (via @tweetmeme) from the end of any retweets. This will give a little more room at the end of tweets to be retweeted again

So if you have not branded your tweetmeme badge till now, then do it at once! You can follow the instruction from here.

New Image button to put the badge without JavaScript:

Image button on new tweetmeme So now tweetmeme is going to put one step ahead by giving image style retweet button, of-course with the live-count and retweet link!

We think there are lots of other places you may want to get retweeted from so we have come up with ‘image buttons’. These look identical to the current retweet button (an example is on the right) with the same live-retweet count, the big difference is that it is rendered as a image which means you can put it anywhere that you can put a normal image.

Following can be some usage of this image button:

  • RSS Feeds: As JavaScript does not work within RSS feeds, so this going to be much effective to put the twitter badge on your Feeds and get some tweets from there!
  • Email: Attach the embed code into any HTML email
  • As does not allow to put any JavaScript code so users may use this button to power up their blogs!

Domain count badge:

Domain count on tweetmeme Want so show off how many tweets you have got for your own domains? Well now you can with the upcoming Domain Count button from tweetmeme!

So we came up with the ‘Weekly Retweet’ chicklet, it shows the weekly total number of retweets for your whole website. The counter re-calculates every 24 hours and the colour can be customized

Analytics for your website:

Statistics widget by tweetmeme Analyzing the RT activities of your web-site will be much more detailed than ever! As of now, we can already track our domain activities using tweetmeme but the new one is going to be better!

but we wanted to give much more detail. The new package is aimed at fully understanding how your story spread and how you may adapt future story releases to take best advantage of Twitter and its amazing viral nature.

said Halstead.

With all the upcoming features of tweetmeme it seems that tweetmeme is really going to put its competitors many steps behind! So do you use tweetmeme badge on your blog? If so then do share your experience with us!

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Source: tweetmeme blog