[Tip]Activate Win7 JumpList by dragging left mouse button over the taskbar icon

We have previously discussed many tips, tricks and tweaks on Windows7. Today when I found this tip @lifehacker I could stop sharing. I quickly recorded a video for a quick illustration as well!

Windows 7 jumplist

Remember the JumpList and Pinning up shortcuts we have discussed before? Well Reader Dan at Lifehacker has found another great way to popup the Jump-list by using left mouse button. Read on to know how…

The Basic trick:

Not that much geeky, actually very simple to use!!

  • Just left click on a taskbar icon and hold it
  • Now drag it away from the taskbar… Drag up if your Taskbar is bottom-aligned or drag left if right-aligned!
  • Now see the magic! The JumpList will fade-in on your mouse tip!

Also I have made a vide which you can see below!


Well, treating this as a new tip it is always fun discovering! Whereas if you are a multi-screen or even a touch-screen monitor user then surely you are going to enjoy this cool feature. Just press the icon and drag it out! Quite sophisticated isn’t it?

So are you a Windows7 user? If so don’t forget to share your views as well!