Send FREE SMS from Internet to any Mobile Phone using top 5 SMS sites

Lets send Some SMS Though your cell phone is one of your best friends but sometimes it can ditch u 😉 , like if you are low on balance and it is very necessary to send that one last goodnight message to your girlfriend , or maybe text a group of friends to confirm the plan for the movie, Or maybe there is no network at your place and it is very important to send a message to some one. What do you do then ? well no problems , iTg is here . We have compiled this list of 5 cool sites that allow you to send SMS’s to help you stay in constant contact with your friends, families and even your customers… Read on to explore the Power of Internet!



when you register with this site you can Organize your contacts in your phonebook, Send free messages to your friends quickly, Receive replies in your SMS inbox, Send one message to group of people(paid). It will save you valuable is a free service for the following options: Send single sms, organize your phonebook, organize your groups, receive replies. If you send a text message to a group of people,they have a fee for each text message of 5 credits (1 credit is 1 cent).You can send both , national and international sms


160by2, part of SMS Country Networks, which also owns (a leading bulk SMS service), had also recently crossed the 1 million users landmark. The website which ranks as the 76th most popular in India according to Alexa also ranks as the seventh most popular WAP site in India according to a recent survey by Opera. One of the most popular features on the website is contacts back up feature, wherein users can back up their mobile phone contacts online. The users can download and upload contacts in simple excel format.



A system to allow you to send one free text message to a number and they will then resend it out to every member that belongs to your group, up to 5,000 people in size.Send free SMS messages to anyone with an Indian mobile can send group messages upto 640 characters long for Rs. 0.07 per SMS, using their paid SMS service. These SMS are sent with higher priority and will reach your recipients faster



SEA SMS is a name in itself for providing fast International SMS services. You can send FREE SMS from your COMPUTER (connected to internet) to a distant MOBILE PHONE anywhere on the planet earth. You can also sign up for premium services and get some extra features like

• Delivery Report • Bulk SMS • Phone Book • Two Way Messaging • Instant Delivery • Account Control Panel



TalkTribe is a place where you come to stay in touch with friends through various means. Send them a traditional email or leave them a Voicemail that will appear in their iInbox. SMS them a message that will show up on their mobile phone. You can send Free national and internaional SMSes from this site

We hope you liked our list and it saves some of your bucks. Do leave in your comments and if you are using any better site, then do share it with us!


  1. Tech-Freak Stuff

    Good find! It always happens that the cellphone ditches us when we need it in emergency. You can use the credit balance that time. You may also you these services if you have access to PC.

  2. Jacob Yap

    Erm I seldom use Free SMS forn the net. Are they really safe? Anyway, thanks for telling.

  3. TechZoomIn

    Gupchup is good one but its limited i guess. I use indiarocks and way2sms..they are simply awesome

  4. Swashata

    Sorry but this is not written by me! This from our co-admin pyrotechnicpixie 🙂 so kudos to her!

  5. Pranshu Batra

    way2sms roxx!! btw nice post.. really helpfull!!

  6. pyrotechnicpixy

    thank you people , we are glad u liked this post ……… @ jacob : well buddy there are thousands of people out there who use the net to send messages and if u send them fromtrusted sites like way2sms or the ones mentioned here then we dont think there will be any harm

    @ pranshu : yeah u are right , way2sms is also a gud site , 🙂 but i dont know if you can send free international msgs from it 🙂 do let me know please

    @ lax : thankyou buddy 🙂

  7. Harsh Agrawal

    Sea2sms is some thing new to me…
    Dman good list.

  8. amita

    hi friends,, a site that provides free SMS to anyone has released an innovative SMS feature called secure private SMS.send free sms

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