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web hosting rating dot com If you are a web-developer or blogger, then you should have felt about buying a good yet cheap website host. Now a days, a good webhost comes within the range of 5-10$/month. But the problem which we face is choosing the right one, according to our criteria. For example, we may not want to buy a Windows WebHost if we are interested on LAMP [Linux Apache MySQL PHP] development only, and thereby we can save some bucks, by not subscribing into the wrong features.

It really becomes hectic, to google through all the available web hosts and check their features separately… Also, there are too many aggregator sites which are indexing the features of web hosts. So it may also become quite hectic to search through the best yet reliable web hosts we need.

Today, we are going to take a look on one of the best FREE web hosting guide available on internet, namely WebHostingRating.Com. Through this site, you will be able to go through all the leading and affordable web hosting companies in a very short time, and thereby can choose the one that suits for you without any confusion. Read below to know how to efficiently use this site to get the best webhost you need…

Make your decision according to rankings:

ranking according to reliability While choosing a website we need to think that what others have taken… According to this algorithm, WebHostingRating.Com has composed a huge database featuring all the webhosts available on net sorted by their overall ranking!

  • Rankings are given according to their Price, Bandwidth, Space and Reliability.
  • Users can also submit their own reviews. In fact many have already submitted. So you can take a quick look on what others are saying before actually buying a webhost.
  • Each of the ranking page contains compact information on what you are going to buy. For example, on the Linux Ranking page, it is clearly written what Linux hosting is and the pros and cons of the same.

For now, have a look at the two popular ranking…

I am sure, that you have liked the style of ratings…

Best Website Hosting of the year:

choose the best host you wantDon’t have time to go through all the web hosts? Well, then you are just a click away to choose the best of any of the category you want. has indexed the best webhost of the year for:

  • Budget Hosting;
  • Blog Hosting;
  • Forum Hosting;
  • Unix Hosting;
  • Windows Hosting;
  • PHP hosting…

And many more. Just check the left panel of their home-page to go through the categories. Have a look on their Best Budget Hosting for the year 2009;

Other Facilities:

The story does not end here! From you can easily get:

  • Best CMS hosting to quickly choose the best webhost for Content Management Software like joomla, Drupal, phpBB, vBulletin etc… Just check the left panel from the Home Page and browse through them.
  • Coupon Codes for web-hosts [if available]
  • Lots of Articles related to Web Site Hosting guides. [If are not familiar much with web hosting, then these articles are must to read for you]
  • You can also Submit or take a review of any webhost you like!

Home Page and Other Links:

Below are the links to the website:

Personally I have liked this site much and surely I am going to use their guide to buy the web host I want. I think this will be useful for you as well! Do give us your feedback on Also, if you have came across any other good site, do share it with us through your comments…


  1. Siddharth

    I have two Questions

    1. Why you started using Chitika? 😛

    2.If I want to create a website through WordPress…Approx. how much it will cost to me?
    for ex…How much ITg is costs to you for 1 year?

  2. Swashata

    1. Just to test how this search advertising work! Basically I had space left beside the adsense… So just wanted to try Chitika
    2. It depends on what host you are going buy. In general:
    Webhost => You can get a good one at the expense of 4-5$/month and if you wish to host multiple sites then at an expense of 10$/month. You can even get cheap webhosts at 1-2$/month but more you pay the better will be the service. Just go through the feature lists of every webhosts and find out what suits you best.
    Domain => My domain is and it costs about 9$/YEAR. I bought it from… If you have a paypal account then you can get one for yourself too. Normally a domain does not cost more than 9-10$/Year..

    For WordPress I shall recommend you to use justhost or bluehost or hostgator. Find out the details through the given website. Normally, hosting a single WordPress blog may not cost more than 60-70$/Year. [Assuming the webhost cost to be 4-5$/month]

    iTg is hosted on Blogger. So it is FREE. I have developed the theme myself! So the only thing I need to pay is, the Domain…. It is 9$/Year.

    If you have anyother question feel free to ask! 🙂
    My recent post IE5.5, IE6 to IE8 emulator for Windows Vista/Windows 7/XP to check your Website compatibility ~ IETester

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