Top 5 Blackberry apps this summer

blackberry_8800If you are the proud owner of a blackberry then we are sure that u carry it every where with you …. after all it is on of your most prized possessions .So why not treat you blackberry to the best apps ???

Here are five powerful applications that can transform the way you use and interact with your BlackBerry. The following applications are guaranteed to enhance any getaway – and help you realize the full potential of your mobile device.

Pandora ~ Personalized Radio for your Blackberry

169193-pandora_2_slide (Large)Pandora for BlackBerry: It is considered a personalized radio but more like an mp3 player.. And it’s free 🙂 This application brings streaming Internet radio to the palm of your hand. Create personalized “stations” based on artists, songs or composers of your choice. Pandora delivers similar content from other artists along with songs from the band/artist that you initially selected. Pandora on BlackBerry is fully integrated with Pandora on the web. Enjoy all your existing stations – and create new ones right from your BlackBerry.

Price: Free up to 40 hours per month, $0.99 for the rest of month after 40 hours; $36 a year for premium Pandora One account

RDM+ ~ Remote Desktop for Mobiles:

2846_largeRDM+: (Remote Desktop for Mobiles) allows you to access your computer from mobile device remotely. You can send and receive emails, surf web, edit documents with word processor, copy, cut, paste files or folders and do hundreds other things that you typically do sitting in front of your home or office computer,navigate your desktop using the BlackBerry’s trackball and keyboard, run programs and transfer files between your BlackBerry and PC. Using it over an EDGE connection is interminably slow, but it’s easy to set up and pays for itself the first time you leave an urgent file on your PC and don’t have any other means of retrieving it.

Price : Try RDM+ free. Download and install both the desktop and the client parts. Install the client on your mobile.After the 7-day trial expiration you may purchase a license code to continue using the product.

Viigo ~ Access to News, Sports, Weather, Facebook etc…

169193-viigo_4_slide (Large)Viigo :Viigo is a free software application for your Smartphone giving you access to News, Sports, Weather, Facebook, The Web, the ultimate lifestyle app, delivers instant access to news and RSS feeds, weather, sports, streaming podcasts, social networks like Twitter and FriendFeed, flight and travel information and much more, all for free. And the good folks at Viigo never stop working studiously on new features, so you can always expect a good surprise coming your way

Price: FREE

TweetGenuis ~ Tweet with your Blackberry

tweetgeniusTweetGenius :There’s been an absolute deluge of different Twitter apps over the past year or so, and the number is only getting bigger as Twitter’s popularity grows.TweetGenius is the first client for the BlackBerry to include advanced features like search and TwitPic integration. While it might not measure up to its iPhone cousins in terms of UI, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of competitors like Twitterberry in terms of looks and ease of use. The pop-up bubble for entering a tweet is a nice touch. If you’re a BlackBerry user who’s been reluctant to use Twitter because the right client came along, give TweetGenius a spin. You might like it.But if you are not too much into paying for things then you can consider waiting for the free version.

Price :. A single device license (with free upgrades through to version 2.0) runs $4.99, and we’re told it’s transferable in case you get a replacement or upgrade to a new device

WorldMate Live ~ All you need as a Traveller

0,1425,i=235722,00WorldMate Live :Expert travelers need fast, useful information on the go, and WorldMate Live delivers it. WorldMate Live will change the way you travel. An all around travel companion, the app organizes and stores itineraries, including flight and airline info, hotel reservations, car rentals, meeting locales and much more. You can also find hotels directly from the app, convert foreign currencies, view world clocks and weather forecasts and even get one-click access to maps and navigation apps, where available.

Price: Free

Well this was a compilation of the top 5 blackberry apps for you .Do give us your feedback . and keep the suggestions pouring in if u have some better apps…


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