MUST READ (for geeks ;) ): what does your email say about your computer skills

Have you ever even remotely given thought what your e-mail address says about your computer knowledge? Well if you listen to the folks over at The Oatmeal, your e-mail address can say lots about your computer skills, specifically the domain name. So in order to spell things out, they put together this simple chart to let you know how well you rate against others, comparatively speaking.

Lets just say if you have an e-mail account with gmail, chances are you are most likely just knowing your way around the computer. If you use an AOL e-mail account, however, maybe not so much.check this out for more fun

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  1. AbdulGafoor

    that's the most stupid thing i have ever heard for the following reasons.
    * many buy their own domain to host free blogs thinking that's the best way to host a blog or cms to promote their products. they get email id automatically. the word 'mostly' is very inappropriate above.
    * many use gmail coz it's simplicity. of course people are not willing to buy a coffee shop to drink a coffee. again the word 'mostly' is very inappropriate above.

    i can list more. but i think the above 2 points are just enough to prove what i meant.

  2. Saikat Das

    lol..although yahoo part is a bit inaccurate..

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