8 Firefox Uploader Addons supporting over 50 sites to speed up your Uploading and ease up Blogging, Hosting & Sharing

Previously we have discussed and shared many useful Firefox addons. The category which was lacking to get included is “Uploader Firefox Addons“. So today we will share some cool and useful Firefox Uploader! In case you are not aware with Firefox then have a look at this post @greenTechspot. For now we are giving the direct link for downloading Firefox [of course latest version]

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Ok now that you have Firefox installed at your PC, get ready to explore these cool addons. We have categorized them as follows

  1. Universal Uploader: All-in-one Uploader for your FF! Supports wide range of sites [recommended]
  2. Image Uploader: Uploads images to many popular FREE image hosting sites like photobucket, imageshack, flickr, picasa etc.
  3. Upload Helper: Adds some extra features to default browser uploading capabilities
  4. Experimental Addons: Some potentially useful but yet experimental Uploader Addons

So here we go…

1. Universal Uploader: ~ Firefox Universal Uploader (fireuploader)
Only one [yes one] to RULE this category! It is Fireuploader. Features are

  1. Simple to upload and does not interrupts your browsing! Opens up the uploader in a separate Tab or in a new Window [which ever you prefer]
  2. Supports a wide range of sites including

    Rapidshare.com | Photobucket | Mosso | Box.net | Flickr | Picasa | Youtube | Facebook | Webshots | Omnidrive | Smugmug | SmeStorage | Google Docs | Snaphappi, a digital photo processing website
    Adobe Share (new) | Slideshare (Share your presentations online)

Means it is all you need to satisfy your uploading criteria.
Download from here

2. Image Uploader:
Incase if you are not satisfied with the above universal uploader then here are some Image uploader addons to power up your Firefox

  1. Photobucket Uploader:
    As the name suggests it uploads images directly to your Photobucket album on right click.

  2. Uploadr for Flickr:
    Uploads your images directly to your Flickr Album

  3. Fotofox:
    Drag, drop and arrange pictures adding photo titles, and create albums by multi-selecting photos, and then upload to one of a selection of online photo services – all of this without interrupting your Internet browsing.

  4. Pict Uploader:
    The Pict.com FireFox Add-on integrates with Mozilla FireFox Web browser and allows you to make screenshots with one click and automatically upload them to Pict.com image hosting. It also makes it possible right-click and upload any image you see online or your local image with automatic link generation for forums, websites, etc.

3. Upload Helper ~ dragdropupload
Tired of clicking on the browse button and browse through your PC to locate your file? Well this addon will surely serve good to you! It adds a feature to any upload input box to directly drag and drop your desired uploading media instead of Browsing them! Drop multiple files and fill all the entries. In some websites it allows to add new upload files: in Gmail is possible to drop the files directly over the “Attach a file” link.
Quite cool isn’t it? Here are the download Links

4. Some Experimental Addons:
While these addons can serve some really cool feature but they are still under development and may contain some bug! So using them is totally your own responsibility!

  1. Pixelpipe Media Uploader:
    Upload pictures, video, and audio with Pixelpipe and get your content posted to your favorite social network, blog and photo/video services. Over 75 supported destinations to choose from MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, twitter, Photobucket & more.
    Here is a list of supported sites [according to category]

    • Photo & Video: MobileMe, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Photobucket, Nokia Ovi, Phanfare, Smugmug, vimeo, ImageShack, pikeo, webshots, kyte, FotoTime, Zooomr, Fotki, Zoom.in, 23hq, Photoservice.com, 72 photos, ipernity, Viddler, Shutterfly, photobox, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, Zenfolio, Mobypicture and Gallery Menalto, blip.tv, Dailymotion, DropShots, kewego, Revver, SnapMyLife, TinyPic
    • Status/Micro-Blog: Twitter, Jaiku, ping.fm, brightkite, FriendFeed, TwitPic, kwippy, Rejaw, Seesmic, Plurk, identi.ca, youare.com, plerb, twitgoo
    • Social Networks: MySpace, Facebook, hi5, Friendster, imeem, Vox, Bebo, Hyves
    • Blogs: Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, tumbler, LiveJournal, Atom, MetaWeblog, MovableType, Drupal
    • Online storage: box.net, drop.io, Acrobat.com
    • Widget: Picturtrail, imageloop
    • Other: FTP, Email, qipit
    Addon Link: Click here
    Support Page: Click Here
  2. Add to Picasa:
    Gives a context menu [On right clicking on an image] to upload that image directly over Picasa

That’s the end of the list! If you ask me than Personally I use the universal Uploader only! It is the best on its job! Do let us know about your choice also

~~The End~~

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