Manage InterNet Bandwidth, Quota and Usage stat using Networx for Free

networx-prev If you have a limited internet connection, then you probably have wanted to keep a record of your daily usage of uploaded/downloaded data in a proper manner. For example, in India, all good plans of BSNL are pretty much limited on usage, and therefore, in order not to exceed the quota we need to keep on checking the daily usages and it really becomes hectic to login to the portal and go through the usage history every day.

So, today we are going to discuss about a software, namely Networx, which does this job pretty easily.Features of Networx Basically, it keeps all the record of incoming [downloaded] and outgoing [uploaded] data through your Broadband or Dial up connections and you can access the day to day records easily through this Freeware Software. Below are some of the key features…


  • Get all the usage statistics in a simplified fashion. You can save them as well.
  • Set Download Upload Quotas and also define On-Peak, Off-Peak and Unmetered times to properly track your bandwidth usages.
  • Shows you the statistics in graphical manner.

Below are complete guide and Download links…

#1: Bandwidth Usage statistics:

The best feature of this freeware. Simply Right Click on the icon at the notification area on Start Menu > Click Usage Statistics to access

Usage stat through Networx

  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports thoroughly;
  • Dial-up sessions and respective usages;
  • Also Hour-wise analysis of your Internet activities…

In short, you will get all you need to manage your connection and if you are in hurry then just check the At a Glance to get the summary!

#2: Quota Management:

If you have a limited usage internet, then you can setup the quota by just Right clicking on Networx icon at notification are on Start menu > Quota… and —

Quota Summany by Networx Click to Enlarge

  • Set Quota type [i.e, monthly, hourly weekly etc] and respective usage for Download, Upload or both!;
  • You can even setup a warning message for 80% or other usage of your quota;

So, now you don’t need to worry much about your usage as it automatically warn you if you are exceeding. Also it will suggest you a daily usage, to maintain your limits.

#3: Setting up Peak hours and respective usage limit/rate & unmetered timings:

If your ISP [Internet Service Provider] gives particular usage limits for On or Off peak hours, then you can also set the respective Quotas using Networx.

setup on off peak time and unmetered on networx

  • Right Click on the icon from Notification area > Click on Settings;
  • Change the color of the boxes corresponding to the day/time to the proper color, to make it On-Peak, Off-Peak or Unmetered.
  • Now, simply go to the Quota Management at stated on #2,Set the On Off peak time usage limits and set up the Hours rate as On/Off Peak and enter the corresponding limits.

You are done, configuring. Networx will keep the proper record and will automatically notify on over usages!

#4: Other Features:

Other features include:

  • Show Graph: Represents your usage stat in a easily accessible graphical form;
  • Speed Meter: Shows you the current download/upload speed or an average speed over a particular time;
  • Trace Route: To determine the path, a packet is taking you through the Internet;
  • Ping: To check communication links, or to check if a host is working or not;
  • NetStat: To display the requests sent by the active applications;
  • Dialup: To dial a Broadband or any other internet connection;

Download Link and HomePage:

  • Home Page: Click Here;
  • Download Link of the current version[5.0.5 as of 9th November, 2009]: Click Here;

You can find the download link of the latest version from the home page. Also you can download a portable version from there!

This is the best freeware I have used of its type. Do give us your feedback on this software. Also, if you have found any other software better than this, please do share it with us! Your feedbacks will be highly appreciable…


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    I think this is a great way to monitor our bandwidth and enable us to manage our internet usage. Thank you posting the post. it really helps me a lot.

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