Secure your Google Account password via text messaging recovery

The one and only Google Account Google Account is doubt one of the most important online account we have! Be it Gmail, Adsense, Blogger, Picasa, Orkut, iGoogle or any other Google Products we use, all are related to a single google account! Google has really made logging in onto them easy and very less hectic through a single account!

Well, all seems to be good, but what if it gets hacked? We loss all our accounts isn’t it? So, in order to prevent it, Google has has included one more way to recover our password and there by Google Account using SMS Verification Method. Previously there has been many other methods such as, Secondary Email, Security Questions etc… But Mobile SMS Verification is all that we need to secure our passwords to the maximum extent! Read on to know how to do that…

Activating SMS Verification (Password Request) from Google Account:

  • Login to your Google Account
  • Now Click on “Change Password Recovery Optionslogin to google account
  • You should be prompted to enter your password again! Do it! This is just for security measures…Enter your Password again
  • Now enter your Mobile Number and select your country! Make sure to tick on the “Use this phone number for password recovery via text messageEnter your mobile phone number … Now simply click save and you are done!And you are done

I recommend this to everyone! As secondary email is not always the best method! Especially if you are not using much emails then SMS verification is a must have for you! Do this ASAP and get your password secured! If you face any problem regarding this then feel free to ask as!

Source: GmailBlog