How to: Disable User Account Control (UAC) on Windows 7

typical UAC prompt Although this is a very basic thing, but I thought of posting this as many users are having difficulties doing so. But before we proceed, let us have a quick look on what UAC is. UAC or User Account Control is a windows tool, which informs your whenever you or a program tries to make system level change. The prompt in the above image shows a typical UAC confirmation. It was developed to prevent malicious or unwanted software installation or system changes which can potentially cause damage to your PC.

The concept behind UAC is pretty good, but I personally feel that in real application, UAC fails to do what it is designed to. Most of the times it becomes an annoying prompt which takes our attention from what we are doing. Also, many programs and software will not even run if you have UAC enabled. So let us see, how we can disable the UAC on our Windows 7 PC.

Disabling from default category view Control Panel:

By default our Control Panel is set to category view.Control panel with category type view If your Control panel looks like the image above, then simply follow the steps:

  • Go to Start Menu > Control Panel and the control panel window will appear;go to control panel from start menu
  • Now Click on the User Account and Family Safety icon.go to user accounts and family safety This will bring you the User Account Panel.
  • Now click on User Accounts icon.Go to user accounts
  • Finally click on the Change User Account Control Settings under the “Make Changes to your user account” menu on change user account control settings This will bring you the UAC settings panel.
  • Now simply slide down the left slidebar to make it “Never Notify”.move the slide bar down Save all the open windows and you are done.

So that was quite simple, isn’t it! Now lets see how to access to icon type Control Panel View.

Disabling from icon type Control Panel view:

If your Control panel is set as “Large” or “Small” icons, then it should look like this.Icon type view of Control panel You can change the views by clicking the “View By” menu.changing the view type of control panel Simply follow the steps below:

  • Locate and Click on the “User Accounts” icon.go to user accounts through icon type view It is generally located on the lower part of the Panel.
  • Now you will see the User Accounts panel like before. click on change user account control settings
  • Simply follow the 4th and 5th steps of the previous part and you will successfully disable UAC.

So that was the complete tutorial on disabling UAC. Basically I wrote this tutorial because by Bro asked me how to do this. As he is on Delhi, so I cannot do it myself on his laptop. So instead of emailing him the procedure I thought of publishing it on our blog. I hope it was of some use to you as well. Do give us your feedback. Also if you face any problem related to any steps above, feel free to ask us!

image credit: – As I have already disabled UAC so I don’t get any prompts!

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