Free Blogger XML Template – Meadows in Spring A green inspired theme

So we are glad to release another free Blogger XML template, Meadows in Spring. Previously we have released the Dark Urban Ecstasy theme. So this time we have used a light pattern and yellowish-green colored theme. Below is a screenshot of the sweet theme…

Meadows in Spring

Here is a compact list of features:

  • Fully SEO friendly with date-header fix and meta/description/keyword.
  • Eye-soothing green colored template! A single pattern has been followed. Also we have included relevant background-pattern (Thanks to pyrotechnicpixie)
  • Widget ready and footer-column included. Customize them as you like

So below is the download link, to do and insctrcution list and live-demo

Download Link and Live Demo:

Meadows In Spring is developed by Swashata, with graphics from Pyrotechnicpixie. This is available for free download. Below is the download link:

Also for a live demo visit the Meadows in Spring blog.

Things to do before uploading and Upload instruction:

Not many things! Just a little SEO. Now that you have downloaded the theme, open it with WinZip and extract. You should see a file named “Theme Template” on the extracted folder! Open it with preferably Notepad++ or just simple Notepad.

  • Now search for the line
    <meta content='BlogName: Description' name='Description'/>

    Replace BlogName: Description with a little description for your blog (not more than in 150 characters)

  • Now search for
    <meta content='keyword,meta,for,SEO' name='keywords'/>

    Replace keyword,meta,for,SEO with comma separated keywords according to your blog niche (Not more than 10)

And you are done. Now we need to upload the theme. But before that make sure that you have backed up every widgets and the blog’s existing theme. Now just follow the steps:

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML.
  • Now Click on browse and set your theme and click on upload Upload instruction
  • The blogger will confirm you that some of your widgets are going to get deleted. Confirm (Make sure that you have all the backups you need) and save.

Now you are done! Next thing is to setting up the Widgets…

Gadget/Widget Setups:

After uploading go to the Layout page and you shall see a layout similar to this!

Layout instruction

So now that it is clear what portion is for what widgets, let us see how we can add some useful widgets…

Adding the Navigation bar

It is the most demanded feature from all blogger templates. So, we have made the thing easy for you to do.

  • Click on the Add a gadget on the Navigation Menu portion
  • Now Click to add a “Link ListAdd a link list and enter your Links such as, |Home, Contact, About| etc… You may want to give a name to the Widget but it is not necessary! Even if you do we have taken care that the title won’t get popped up on the theme template!
  • Save it and see your blog! You should be happy now 😉
  • Alternately for total control over your Navigation menu, add a HTML/JavaScript Widget as follows.


        <li><a href="#">Home</a></li>

        <li><a href="#">About</a></li>

        <li><a href="#">Featured</a></li>

        <li class="fix-right"><a href="#">Contact</a></li>


    Add the class fix-right to that element which you want to float right!

  • Now save and enjoy…
Adding Sidebar and Footer Elements:

Now this portion totally depends on you! For Illustration here is a screen-shot of the widget layout I have made for the Live-Demo blog!

Complete Layout

Be creative and do more!

Credits and further tweaks:

First of all thanks to our Blog author Pyrotechnicpixie for the sweet color scheme and the background patterns and of course the name of the theme. Without this it would have been impossible to make such theme. The CSS and xHTML part has been created by Swashata(me). The Meadows in Spring Template is free to download for all! If you like this theme then please help us by donating!

Thank you 🙂

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Well that’s it! I hope you have enjoyed this theme… Please give your feedback on the design of this template and any other improvement you may want! We shall be eager to help you!


  1. TechZoomIn

    Awesome theme dude…Will recommend it to my friends…

  2. Swashata

    Thank you for your comment and recommendation buddy! I have just started creating Blogger themes! I hope to make some more and also WP soon 🙂

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