[Firefox]Use Formatting toolbar to format your texts in HTML, BBcode or Wiki

Another cool toolbar for Firefox that will definitely help you on quick formatting and editing your texts in rich HTML format or even in Bulletin board or Wiki code. So whether you are in a social community website like orkut, or a forum like demonoid or even in a wiki forum just click on simple and easy to use buttons and decorate and spice up your formatting the way you want. Here is a quick review


  1. Options- Text size, super-sub script, hyperlink, image insertion, colorize text, apply ordered and unordered list, strike, italics and bold and of course text aligment: center, left & right
  2. Easy to use colourpicker with preset colours as well as a reliable custom picker
  3. Ability to create or edit custom tags

LINK: Click here and then click on “Add to Firefox” button there

This is a must have Firefox addons for all! I myself have been using the custom tags option to store my signature and even some smiliesbiggrin

~~The End~~

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