[FF Addon] Best LIVE Web development Tool – Firebug

Web developping has evolved much and now with advanced CSS, JS and jQuery things have become smoother and faster. But we do need some debugger to test our pages before launching isnt it! As the name suggests Firebug is perhaps one of the best Firefox Addons available for this purpose! With its easy to understand but perfect to use features it is indeed one of the major tool that a web developer may need. Be it editing of Basic HTML or Advanced JS or CSS or even jQuery, Firebug is just a click away to arrange all of them at your hand! Use it to feel the power.

Here are the basic features:

  1. One click Inspect and edit feature: Click on inspect and hover your mouse over any element to get the innerHTML and other functions associated with it. Right click to exit the inspect mode. Simply click on the innerHTML and a small edit box will pop up from which you can edit
  2. Hierarchic view of HTML elements with edit feature: You dont need to inspect all elemnts individually. You can just click on Firebug icon ► HTML and then can see the Hierarchy of the HTML elements used.
  3. Tweak CSS LIVE: Need to change your CSS a little bit to gain more perfection. Well you can do this live! No need to Edit►Save►Review when you can do this live. Simply inspecting an element will give you the style attributes in the CSS tab. Click►Edit►Review►Edit again if you want and enjoy

These are the basic features what a blogger or simple web designers wants. For advanced users there are advanced options like

  1. Visualize CSS metrices
  2. Monitor Network Activities
  3. Debug and Profile Javascripts
  4. Quickly find errors
  5. Explore the DOM
  6. Execute javascript on the fly
  7. Logging of Javascript

Possibilities are endless with this cool addon. Install it and feel the differencewink

HOMEPAGE: http://getfirebug.com/

Location on Mozilla Addon site: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/1843 [Install from here]

Official Blog: http://blog.getfirebug.com/

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