Convert between Unicode, decimal, hexadecimal and HTML entities easily using Firefox Addon

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Well playing with unicode characters is a tough job indeed!rolleyes Obviously we just cant remember a looooong list of Unicode to hex character codes! Isnt it? Also copy pasting the code does not always work and we do need to have the source code. I have seen many people using these cool looking codes and playing smart especially in social networking sites like Orkut. But this job becomes very much easy when we have Firefox in our hand.

With a great addon namely Unicode Input tool/Converter either convert or browse through thousands of unicode hex codes like I have given at the start of this article. Cool isnt it!cool

Here is what you need to do

  1. Goto Unicode Input Tool/Converter addon site
  2. Click on “Add to firefox” and this tiny little addon will get installed on your firefox.
  3. Restart firefox

Now you can perform these two actions depending on your necessity

  • Select some unicode characters and then right click and find then in character chart
  • Goto Tools>Unicode input tool/converter and navigate through various options

This tool becomes very handy for js writers as well when they need to write a function for replecing normal texts by cool looking unicode characterswink

~~The End~~

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