Gmail and Google Apps out of beta with “back to beta” Gmail-Labs feature

Google comes out of beta! Yes, you have heard it right! After 5 years since the launch of Gmail, one of the most popular Email service, Google has finally removed the “BETA” Tag out of it! So no more gray “BETA” below the logo.

It is not only Gmail, but also all Google Apps services like Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google docs and so…

Already many of them have improved much since the past few months, and after some huge development behind each of them, have came out of the BETA stage! So does that mean we are going to have more stable version of each the services! Or is it just the critic for which Google has pushed the services out of beta! Read on to know more…

All the new features integrated:

Even in the beta stage G-mail has developed much. This includes:

integrated chat, developed new anti-spam technology, expanded to 53 languages, shipped a mobile app, added group chat, launched an iPhone UI, added a vacation autoresponder, launched Gmail Labs, subsequently modified the vacation autoresponder with a Gmail Lab, launched 48 other Labs, launched video chat, enabled open protocols and APIs (POP, auto-forwarding, IMAP, and the Contacts Data API), let you POP mail in from other accounts, added a delete button, rearchitected our entire javascript code base, and added key functionality to get large companies, startups, universities, and many other organizations (in addition to Google itself)

This list looks huge enough isn’t it?

Now Google Apps has also improved so many things which includes:

  • A better Google docs, including many new functions, theme, new features for spreadsheets etc. Have a look at this to see what is new there at Google docs
  • Automatic Navigation, theme and layout for Google Site – [Read more…]
  • Template galleries for Google Apps domain

and many more…

Some critics about the beta label & labs feature:

Well, it did took a loong time for both Google Apps and Gmail to come out of beta! Truly speaking this has been a point of critics! Keith Coleman, Gmail Product Director has said that:

However, we realize that after five years, this leaves some of you wrestling with some tough questions. How will you ever get used to using Gmail without that familiar grey "BETA" text greeting you when you log in everyday? What example will you cite the next time you make an internet joke about perpetual betas? Don’t despair… for those of you long-time Gmail-ers who might feel some separation anxiety, we’ve got a solution. Just go to Settings, click on Labs, turn on "Back to Beta," and it’ll be like Gmail never left beta at all.

Now what can you say against a Labs feature just for the tag beta! Quite hilarious this is! Perhaps if Gmail-team is giving some extra functionability to the beta user (which has not been cleared yet!), why would anyone want this! (Now I really don’t know if someone can be that beta freak! Obviously except, ahem Google)

But anyways, now that many of the Master services of Google have came out of beta, it seems Google is really up to do something big this time! I think Google will be improving Google Apps and G-mails in many aspects. Already previously we have seen a cool label and Gmail Ninja. Now lets see what comes next!

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Source: Official Gmail Blog | Official Google Blog