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A GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular interval…

Sounds like “Bond, James Bond”, right? Well basically you can consider GPS tracking as a spying device, but this may become pretty much handy for your business or domestic use. Suppose you have given your car to your teenage son, and wonder where he takes so long… It can be difficult to track him by asking all your neighbors… In that case, GPS tracking is the best solution for you!

Truly speaking, I was also quite unaware of this technology. This time when I was asked to review I got amazed by seeing all the facilities their products can give. After a little of my own research, I found that it is indeed one of the best GPS Tracking manufacturer. Their products are widely used by Police Department, Business professionals and parents. So let us take a walk through their products and their features…

GPS Tracking Key Pro & Simple GPS Tracking Key (Passive GPS Tracking):

GPS tracking key pro This is a compact and portable tracking device which is only slightly larger than two AA sized batteries. GPS tracking Key Pro is basically a GPS vehicle tracking device. Following are its top features:

  • Can operate up to 80 hours on a battery cycle. It can also be attached to the car power supply;a lil larger than two aa size batteries
  • Accurately records the speed, Address of stops, Duration of stops, Time on route, Arrival Address and direction of vehicle every second within 2.5 meters of range;
  • The tracking data can be accessed by PC using USB port and LAS Past-Track software package. It accessed as daily text log or route display via animated digital map or Google Earth map.
  • It comes with a motor detector which will automatically put it to sleep when not used for more than 10 min.

That was quite impressive isn’t it?

You can also check out the simple GPS tracking key which is a little larger than two AAA batteries. Each of them comes with a neodymium magnet which is small in size but very much strong and can be put easily under the metal body of the vehicle.GPS tracking key Also they are water resistant. So you don’t need to worry about your GPS trackers in rainy seasons! Note that this is a Passive GPS tracking system. Which means instead of uploading it to Internet it will simply store the data which you may access later from your PC. This is far more cost-effective than Real time GPS tracking.

Victoria GPS Tracking System: Real time GPS tracking-

Victoria GPS tracking unit Victoria GPS Tracking system is a feature rich real time tracking system. It is very much optimized between portability and power. Following are its features…

Feature List:

  • Very small in size. Only 4" long 2 ¼" wide and 1" deep. Victoria GPS tracking
  • It has internal Antenna. So no need to attack wires which makes it very much effective in use.
  • As a Real Time Tracker, it is totally Web-Based. You don’t need to install any software. Simply login to the secured company server and track your vehicles or other assets.
  • A vehicle’s location is noted every 10 seconds, with latitude, longitude (convertible to street address), direction and speed. So you can accurately track your vehicle, whether it is being stopped or running too fast!
  • Runs on a lithium-ion battery with life cycle of 10 hrs. Can be charged using the wall charger or USB charger. Alternative power sources are also available

Subscription Fees:

As it is a Real Time tracking system, so a subscription fee is needed to run this system. It is pretty much reasonable though…

  • There is no annual subscription. You pay monthly to get
    the 10 sec per update subscription.
  • The initial activation is $29.95 and you pay a monthly subscription of $39.95.
  • You can deactivate any time without any penalty. For reactivating you just have to pay the initial activation fee.
  • For international customers, only the monthly subscription fee is $49.95. Rest is same

Note that in Real Time Tracking System, you can get on the fly tracking updates. You can access it from your internet enabled PC anywhere.

Possible Usage and other products: has listed a good information on possible usage for these tracking system. See if these matches your criteria!

  • Commercial vehicles: to curtail wasted time, trips and fuel.
  • Newly-licensed teen drivers.
  • Costly or large assets such as boats, motorcycles, antiques, artwork.
  • Children or grandchildren who are attending school far away from home.
  • Someone who has memory problems or whose driving abilities have become questionable.
  • Sportsmen (hiking, hunting, bicycling, horseback riding, snowmobiling).

Also there are other products available like GPS Tracking System 3100-INT, GPS Tracking System 3100-EXT and so… Each of them comes with their feature list, demo and specifications. So make sure to read through all the documents before you buy!

I hope that this review was useful to you… Do give us your feedback and share your own knowledge about the company and their Products!

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