Best free High compression Multimedia Archiver – WinUHA – UHARC-GUI

Multimedia compression software–> when ever we heard this then the first name comes to be Winrar of-course. Though Winrar gives loads of features and a good compression ratio but still it is NOT FREE! But that does not mean that we dont have any alternative ! Infact if you ask pros then they will answer the best compression tool ever made is UHARC. If properly configured then it gives about 40% or even more compression ratio. Means it can decrease the size of a file upto 40%.

But the problem is that it is CLI [Command Line Interface] based so most of us are not familiar with it! Well if this is the only problem retaining us to use this great piece of tool then there comes the compression master WinUHA – UHARC GUI a fast, user friendly and quick to use as well powerful alternative to the CLI of UHARC.

Let us take a quick look on the features:

  • User friendly and modern interface, as commercial software
  • Shell Context Menu to speed up archives management
  • SFX GUI for UHA archives
  • Translation Engine to be really user friendly
  • FREEWARE for non commercial use, as UHARC.

DOWNLOAD: Click Here and then click on WinUHA as shown below on the image.

HOMEPAGE: Click Here

Here is a basic and quick tutorial to how to compress some file:

  • Put all the files you want to compress in a single folder
  • Right click the folder and click on “WinUHA: Add to Archive…”
  • Select the proper options you want. Here are the basic but obviously you can experiment morewink

    1. Dictionary: Will split the compressed file into specified size
    2. Create SFX Archive: Will create a self extractable exe file that auto decompress upon double click [Recommended]
    3. Include sub-directories/Store Relative Path: Will make the compressed folder appear exactly like it was before compression
  • Wait till the compression wizard compresses the file. It will show you a status window like this
  • Voila!! A highly compressed file at your desktop at free of costmrgreen

For more screenshots visit here

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