Add Latest News Feed to your Website/Blog using FeedZilla ~ Scroll News, Customize looks & do more for FREE

FeedZilla publish the latest news first Previously we have talked about adding feedburner feed to your Blog to generate a cool Sitemap. But that requires manual effort to each and every feed individually and paste their codes to the widget.

But if you want to just have a scrolling News banner on your Blog or Website [as shown above], then the best thing for you will be to use a free service “FeedZilla”. The benefits are

  • No need to Select and use feeds from specific websites. FeedZilla server has more than 1000’s of News provider so you will never run out of news.
  • Easy installation without letting your hand dirty on codes
  • No registration or fees required. The service is totally free and you can see the result instantly.

Below you can see a Live Demo of what we are going to make

RSS feeds and News Widgets

So here is what you need to do to install this cool Feed News scroller into your Website and/or Blog…

Installation Guide:

This is as simple as it can be. Just follow the steps:

  1. Go to FeedZilla Home Page and click on get GET STARTED NOW button.
  2. Choose the Topic you preferSimply select the News Categories from the two dropdown menus.
  3. Select your Installation Method Choose the widget type. For better compatibility you can use HTML which will install the widget using an iframe. Or you can also use Javascript for Websites and Blogger Blog. Also it gives a separate widget for WordPress which you can use for your WordPress blog. If you want php or other methods then you can use them using the More methods… button.
  4. Customize looks color and more Simply customize the looks. Select Number of stories and so. Also click on “Show Advanced customization” if you want to change the colors to suite your Website/Blog background.
  5. Copy the code and you are set to go Now just Copy the code generated below and paste it where ever you want to use the service. For Blogger Blog click on “Add new Gadget” > “HTML and Javascrip” and paste the code there.

That’t it! Overall it will not take more than 5 mins to install.

Pros and Cons:

The obvious benefit of this tool is that, we dont need to setup websites whoose feed we want to display. So it is quite effective for people who just want to show latest trends and news going round the world on their Websites. Also it helps to add better SEO by displaying latest new [only from php or other server side scripting method]

On the other hand it should have given us a scope to add customized feeds. Well I hope it will give us soon!

So overall it is somewhat a good tool for displaying latest trends and news on blog/site based on categories. If you have any other method better than this then do let us know through your comments…

~~The End~~
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